Hey, New York! Issue #1 – Hadassah

Dear Readers,

It is my absolute pleasure to present all of you with the first (of hopefully many) issue of my new periodical “Hey, New York!”  The goal of this periodical will be highlighting the most promising musical up and comers currently in this great city of mine.  Your comments are most welcome and I look forward to sharing an open dialogue.  And without further ado, let’s get started, shall we?

Okay, so it’s not exactly rock and roll, but it’s cool. Ultra cool.  Jazzy soulful R&B/Hip-Hop (good Lord these sub-genres are getting out of hand) tickles my fancy in a big way, and I’m not afraid anymore to admit it. What it loses of the fun, good time havin’, semi-chauvinistic, and usually dangerousness of the hip-hop I grew up with it gains in sophistication, class and seduction.  Simple arrangements are key in this expanding sub-genre, which is now more commonly and easily referred to as “neo-soul.”  Piano, uprights and some sexy electric guitar sprinkled with some horns are all you really need.  It’s refreshing to hear live instruments in beats again and honestly without hip-hop drum patterns, this could just be called jazz.  Yeah, remember jazz, that shit you learned about in school, as being an integral part of rock and roll development, but never truly appreciated until you realized you have anxiety issues and you need to calm the f*ck down sometimes?

Hadassah’s soultry and powerfully soothing music does just that for me.  It. Calms. Me. Down.  Something I think we can all use, if only sometimes.  While the back beats and instrumentals roll in gently yet confidently, like a far away thunderstorm assuredly approaching, Hadassah’s voice materializes out of the fog like a hazy familiar dream and with a semi-haunting lullaby feel that only this pint-sized power’s lower registry can achieve.  The complete package is all very trance enducing, all very enjoyable.  Hadassah is currently in the studio working on a brand new album.  I wait in joyful hope for its coming. Check her out on all social media sites and her own personal website www.hadassahisme.com

Recommended listening dosage: full dose for unwinding after a long and stressful day, preferably with alcoholic and/or herbal remedies (responsibly of course), light mix inclusion for those parties with a more sophisticated crowd than the usual banditos you roll with, repeated play for bedroom activities (however you get down as this is 2017 after all).

Warning: this music may result in lost hours of listening, general zoning out, and most dangerously of all, an appreciation for neo-soul and a new found propensity to day dream.

Take it easy out there my friends,
Dr. Kopper

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