Imagine Dragons Pitch In to Aid the Syrian Refugee Crisis

Alt rockers Imagine Dragons have joined forces with iTunes, SAP and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) to help aid the ongoing refugee crisis in Europe. The band have released a new single on iTunes, entitled “I Was Me”, with all sales and proceeds of the single going to the UNHCR to help fund the effort to ease the crisis and support families displaced by the Syrian Civil War.

“I Was Me”, an acoustic ballad reminiscent of early American folk songs, features lyricism written from a reminiscing perspective; alluding to the feelings of the refugees involved in the ongoing crisis. Singer Dan Reynolds, in an interview conducted for the effort, described that the song was about “trying to regain your life, which is exactly what millions of people are going through right now”. In a post on their Facebook page, announcing the partnership and new single, the band wrote, “with 11 million homeless and 300k killed, the refugee crisis could not be more urgent. none of us can turn a blind eye to the tragedy unfolding in front of us”

“I Was Me” is available to download on iTunes here. The band also urges people to also consider donating to the UNHCR, whose website can be found at There are also plans to release the single on other platforms, such as Google Play, in the near future.

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