Iron Maiden’s Steve Harris Discusses The Book of Souls

The newest issue of Kerrang! Magazine has an interview with Iron Maiden’s bassist Steve Harris on their upcoming album The Book of Souls, due for release this September; “[The album] is a really powerful album,” Harris told Kerrang!, “we’re really proud of it, and we can’t wait to come out and play new songs on the tour.”

The album follows the announcement of vocalist Bruce Dickinson’s cancer diagnosis late 2014- and most recently, the ‘all clear’ from doctors on the tumor found on the back of his tongue. When asked if this diagnosis affected the recording, the band Steve said the following:

“Well, it didn’t at all, because Bruce didn’t know and none of us knew anything about it.”

He continues to explain that not one sign was obvious to neither Bruce nor the band, with the results weeks later shocking everyone; especially since, as Harris told readers, “he’s singing better than ever.”

Declining to comment more on the personal matter, firm on his decision that it was a story for Dickinson to tell, Harris can only finish by calling Dickinson ‘a trooper.’ Allowing Dickinson time to recuperate from the health ordeal, The Book of Souls was delayed from its original release early this year, Harris certain fans are ‘going to love.’

All tour dates to support The Book of Souls will be updated HERE.

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