Lamb Of God Reveal Track Listing For ‘VII: Strum Und Drang’

Lamb Of God have revealed the track listing for their much anticipated new studio album,  VII: Sturm Und Drang set for release this July, their first new studio album in three years since 2012’s Resolution.

VII: Sturm Und Drang’s first single was released this past month in May, and was titled ‘Still Echoes’ which is the opening track to the album, produced again by Josh Wilbur. Most recently, front-man Randy Blythe spoke with on the album’s subtitle ‘Sturm Und Drang,’ German for ‘storm and stress;’ indirectly referring to Blythe’s sudden arrest and manslaughter charge in Prague, Czech Republic, tried and acquitted in 2013.

Much of the record’s theme revolves around the human psychology reacting under extreme conditions “I didn’t set out to write this record about my perception of how people handle stress and difficulties… but as I was writing, it kind of started coming to me,” Blythe explained. “It’s been a stressful fucking time for my band, the last few years, and it’s come out. Hard times make for good metal, I suppose.”

Their first single, ‘Still Echoes,’ is an exact recollection of the difficult time he faced while imprisoned, while another song on the album will focus on ‘the extreme psychic change a person undergoes when they are incarcerated possibly for the long term, because it’s not like being in normal society at all.’



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