Linkin Park Reveals New ‘Notes From The Band’

Linkin Park group photo

Linkin Park fans around the world will soon be able to learn more about the band’s daily lives, through a planned and announced social media feature ‘Notes From The Band’.

Today, on the band’s Twitter account, the band announced an idea for a new project called “Notes From The Band”. It’s not clear yet whether this is simply a way for the band to stay in touch with their fans, or if it’s intended to one day lead up into something more. 

To date, Linkin Park has been on an indefinite hiatus due to the untimely passing of their lead singer Chester Bennington, who died by suicide on July 20th, 2017.

In the years following Bennington’s death, the band’s surviving members have been working on various solo projects. Most notably, Mike Shinoda released a solo album in 2018 called “Post Traumatic”, which was inspired by his experiences and emotions following Chester’s death. However, whenever the topic of a full reunion would come up, Linkin Park would always stay clear of definite answers, declaring that there “is no plan”. Even recently as last month, Mike Shinoda stated that there are currently no plans for a new album or new tour from the band on the horizon.

However, as the below tweet seems to hint, while there is no ‘concrete plans’, the band seems ready to finally allow fans a glimpse into their daily lives, thus creating hope within the next few years that we may soon be hearing more about the return of Linkin Park.

We are careful not to speculate, and cannot be sure if this means anything at all. But any word from this incredible band is certainly exciting and welcome. It’s great to see the band back together again, even if it is just in spirit. We can only hope that this means new music and tours will be one day on the horizon. Only time will tell. We will update you as more information becomes available in the future. Right now, this is a developing story…

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