Little Hurt Releases New Track “It’s Ok Not To Be Ok” [Press Release]

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Little Hurt – the new solo endeavor from the critically acclaimed alt-pop singer and songwriter Colin Dieden – today releases new track “It’s Ok Not To Be Ok” available now on all digital streaming platforms via Another Century, a division of The Century Family Inc. The release is also accompanied by the song’s official music video.

CLICK HERE to watch the Nick Slatkin-directed video and listen to the Ruffian (Selena Gomez, Zedd, Kygo)-produced single co-written by Little Hurt alongside fellow alt-rockers Cameron Walker-Wright – lead singer of the rising trio TWIN XL – and Jordan Wizigreuter – frontman of The Ready Set. “It’s Ok Not To Be Ok” is the latest track off Little Hurt’s forthcoming debut solo EP, which is expected early next year.

For this release, Little Hurt has teamed up with the mental health organization Hope For The Day, which achieves proactive suicide prevention through outreach and mental health education. The esteemed non-profit organization and singer-songwriter urge you to know that despite the things you’ve been through, it’s okay not to be okay.

On the meaning behind his new single, Little Hurt shares, “I wrote ‘It’s Ok Not To Be Ok’ as a reminder to take it easy on myself and to recognize that not every moment is going to be easy, and not every day is going to be great. I’ve learned that it’s important to acknowledge and accept that instead of constantly being at war with yourself.”

Formerly a member of the internationally successful indie-alt-rock band The Mowgli’s for nearly a decade, Dieden inked a solo recording contract earlier this year with Another Century and released his infectious debut solo single “Good As It Gets” in September, which premiered on Billboard and was hailed by Entertainment Weekly as “a remarkable debut.”

About Little Hurt
Truthfully, the story starts at some dusty Kansas City sandlot during the nineties …

On this baseball diamond, everybody referred to Colin Dieden as Little Hurt,nodding to the day’s top designated hitter Frank “The Big Hurt” Thomas. The singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist had all but forgotten his childhood nickname until he woke up from a deep sleep one night in 2019.

He felt a strong need to fulfill the name once more-not at Homeplate, but in the studio and on stage as the moniker for his solo music, Little Hurt.

“It’s part of my past, so it felt right for the future,” he explains. “When I think about it, I can see, smell, and hear the Midwest in the summer. The memory was so visceral and clear. I knew it was cool, because I have so much attached to it. I was taking a step forward musically, but also looking back to a time before things got complicated. Of course, it’s a bit emotional too. I’m just a kid from Kansas who’s a little hurt.”

By 2019, that “kid” had come a long way from Kansas, fronting The Mowgli’s to international success upheld by nearly 200 million cumulative streams, critical acclaim from Rolling Stone and The FADER, and sold out shows far and wide. After nearly a decade, he desired to share himself like never before.

Moving on with the blessing of his bandmates’ (and friends), Colin began writing for what would become Little Hurt in early 2019.

“I wanted to tell a story that was entirely my own,” he explains. “There were things I needed to say by myself. I started writing about who I am and my life totally unfiltered. I’ve dealt with a lot of issues. I’ve got a complicated head and can be my own worst enemy. Anxiety is something I’ve battled forever, so I built a place to deal with these heavier subjects such as the struggle with depression. I’m not always the happy guy; but I’m happy opening up like I have here.”

Holed up in a studio alongside producer and frequent collaborator Rob “Ruffian” Ellmore, Colin opened up and recorded a handful of demos. Those demos caught the attention of Another Century who signed him straight away upon first listen.

Equally influenced by everything from Jack Kerouac to Louis The Child, Crosby Stills Nash & Young to Major Lazer, as well as touchstones such as The National and The Smiths, he fashioned a dreamy and dynamic style rooted in ethereal production flourishes and candid lyricism on the line between alternative and pop. Among the singles, “Better Drugs” vaults forward on propulsive production and clean guitar as it unfolds into a hummable hook, “I need something to believe in. I need better love or better drugs, before a glitchy electronic breakdown.

“It was written about a night with someone at a bar in Hollywood,” he says. “We were on the wave of falling in love, but we were disconnected for a few months. During the course of it, we decided maybe we weren’t right for each other. The lyrics are a play-by-play of what happened throughout the night and what went wrong.”

Meanwhile, another single “Alaska” bounces between handclaps, Latin-inspired horns, bombastic bass, and shimmering guitars before the admission, “I think I’ll dye my hair and move to Alaska-last couple of months have been kind of a disaster.

“I made it as far as dyeing my hair,” he smiles. “It captures a total manic phase in a really cool way. It’s one of my favorites.”

With a debut EP expected in early 2020 and touring in the works, Little Hurt’s story will undoubtedly connect with many.

“When you hear this music, I want you to feel like you’re not the only crazy person in the world,” Colin leaves off. “It’s normal to go through anxiety and depression. I want to let everyone know they’re not alone. We’re all a Little Hurt, and it’s okay.”

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