Lou Anthony – “Do What I Want”

Forever 20

Lou Anthony starts off Do What I Want by warning the audience that he doesn’t bother anyone, he just stays to himself:

“I don’t fuck with n—–, I just stay to myself/

Trying to play me you goin’ end up playing yourself/

Lost friends while I’m following my way to the wealth

I don’t need you I can spend a hundred K by myself”

This track made me want to hop in the whip and scream, “Fuck you I do what I want” to my ex-wife, to my high-school principal, to the editor of AltWire…

…ok maybe not the last one. (Sorry, don’t fire me!)

Lou Anthony handles his own on this track and conveys his point well. His flow is on point and his message is clear. Not only does he “Do what he wants”, he also says what he wants to say too. He even has a memorable stanza calling out a certain presidential candidate:

But fuck that n—- Trump cause America’s our place

If they let that n—- win then we flooding the hallways…

Let that n—- win then we flooding the hallways!

If that scenario is representative of doing what we want, then I’m all for it!

You can follow Lou Anthony on his SoundCloud or Twitter @LouAnthony_

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Al Gibson

Al Gibson is the Staff and Publishing Director for AltWire.net, as well as owner of AmbushVin.com. He is also an independent Hip-Hop Artist, creating a sound that he has dubbed Sci-Fi Music. Based in Northwest Indiana (Chicagoland), Vin's mission for AltWire is to, "bring recognition to each and every Independent Artist who is trying to amplify their voice. It's not about stats for AltWire. It's about the love of music!"
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