Marilyn Manson Shares New Single ‘Third Day Of A Seven Day Binge’

Over the past couple years, Marilyn Manson has been focusing mainly on his acting career, doing small roles in popular TV shows such as ‘Sons Of Anarchy’ and ‘Once Upon A Time’, and hasn’t really focused much on releasing any new music. The rock idol’s most recent album, entitled ‘Born Villain’, was released in 2012, and he has since been on a short hiatus. Fans of Manson should be happy to hear that he has not completely put his music on the back-burner, and will be releasing an already completed studio album in early 2015. Manson has also decided to give fans a bit of a sneak peek of the upcoming album by releasing a new single, ‘Third Day Of A Seven Day Binge’. Listen to the song below, and keep an eye out for Manson’s recurring character on ‘Sons Of Anarchy’, Ron Tully.

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