Metallica To Play Coolest Show Ever, Literally.


A couple months ago Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich said “There is another frontier coming in December, which [Metallica is] very excited about.” This left fans to ponder the statement until now.

Coke Zero Columbia  have launched a contest for 2 people, ages 18 to 24, to be flown out and see Metallica play a show in Antarctica sometime in December. The exact date of the performance is unknown, only that winners will be flown out between the 2nd and the 15th of December.

It’s not known whether all tickets will be given away in similar fashion in other countries or if similar rules will apply. They surely won’t be depending on local ticket sales as population only consists of approximately 5000 working scientists and researchers during the countries summer months . Winners would flown out in the antarctic summer which can get up to a balmy 14°F/-10°C. Other prizes being given include Eight Gibson electric guitars and amp and One hundred fifty Sony headphones.

Sources: Metalsucks, Coke Zero Columbia

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