AltWire’s Most Exciting Pre-Orders Of 2016 So Far…

The year 2016 is proving out to be exciting in the music landscape just three months in. Check out some of the best pre-orders for both up-and-coming bands and those you’ve been supporting for years.

Nothing More – [Untitled]

Nothing More have been keeping fans active with a few updates from the studio, and ready to invite the fans further into the process. Promising behind-the-scenes and unique items to “Pledgers,” Nothing More have launched pre-orders of their upcoming album through Pledgemusic. Currently, album title, art, single and release date have not been revealed.

Evarose – Invisible Monsters

Evarose are set to release their debut album Invisible Monsters June 2016. With two EP albums since 2010, Evarose have a solid foundation under their debut album, their first single “Provoke Me” off the album just released last week. The Pledgemusic pre-orders offer an instant download of the song, their feature pledge “Request A Cover” already sold out.

Blaqk Audio – Material

Admist a recent album release and tour cycle for AFI and an upcoming band with former members of No Doubt, Blaqk Audio rises again with Davey Havok and Jade Puget following their last release in 2012. Exclusive Material bundles featuring a limited vinyl pressing are up for pre-order on their website, the album due April 2016. Tour dates have been announced, ticket sales beginning March 4th.

Darkest Hour – [Untitled]

After eight full-length albums, Darkest Hour are releasing their ninth studio album independently, returning back to the support and trust of fans just like in the beginning of it all. All funds raised through Indiegogo will directly go towards the creation, production and distribution of the album itself. In addition, all supporters will receive the never-before-seen Thrashography Sequel “Party Scars and Prison Bars: Two and a Half,” documenting their tour celebrating twenty years.

Kitshickers – [Untitled] [CHARITY INVOLVED]

Kitshickers are crowd-funding their seventh album, the album title, art single and release date currently unavailable. Possibly part of very few, the release will not be available on CD- only vinyl and MP3 planned. In addition to supporting the upcoming album, Pledgemusic supporters will also partake in supporting Liter Of Light, Kitshickers donating to the project with every purchase. Liter Of Light provides eco-friendly bottle light to communities living without electricity.

Deftones – GORE

Anticipation is high for GORE, pre-orders available directly from the Deftones on their website. The album is their first since Koi No Yokan with a highly teased build up to the release of the album details and single “Prayers/Triangles” back in January. Deftones begin a handful of festivals this weekend, headline shows booked for May. The album is due to drop April 2016.

Asking Alexandria – The Black

Time is running out soon on this pre-order, Asking Alexandria set to release The Black this month on the 25th. Just over a year ago, former frontman Danny Worsnop left, Denis Stoff (Make Me Famous) revealed as the new vocalist with the first single “I Won’t Give In” off the upcoming album. The change, luckily, turned out for the best. Fans are anxious for the new album, pre-orders handled through various merchandise outlets. You can find them on their website.

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