ODESZA Teases New Album


If you are fan of dance music, then ODESZA is definitely somewhere in your playlist.

Ever since they released their last album,“In Return” last September, fans of the duo have been craving for more. The unique style of ODESZA has created a huge demand for the group at music festivals. Their fans can’t seem to get enough.

Well, here’s some good news for all of you die-hard ODESZA fans: the wait just got shorter! On Monday, the group uploaded an image to their Instagram profile that was a huge teaser for their fans. The caption on the image said, “working on new album”.

odesza new album

What a tease! Fans are going to be scouring the internet for more details after that post. Regrettably, the EDM powerhouse group didn’t offer any additional details outside of that caption. At least their fans know that ODESZA is working on bringing them a third LP.

That will bring a smile to the faces of the duo’s fans across the world. While ODESZA admirers wait in anticpation, eager for another serving, they still have “In Return” to keep them company.

That is, until ODESZA actually returns. Listen to “In Return” below!

Images: http://odesza.com

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