[Press Release] Flawes Announce Debut Album Highlights


London-based indie-pop band Flawes have announced their debut album Highlightsout on January 31.

The announcement comes as the band releases the new single, “Ghost Town,” featuring the critically acclaimed singer ROZES, on October 14 via music video. Watch it here.

Flawes are scheduled to perform a headline show in London on October 15 before embarking on a European tour with U.S. pop band AJR.

Their debut album Highlights is the musical embodiment of the band’s sonic evolution over the years. The result is a collection of the very best of their bolder, sleeker, and defiantly uplifting sound, tailor-made for both dance floors and festival fields.

“Highlights represents the journey we’ve taken as a band over the last three years,” the band says. “Our sound has naturally evolved, and we couldn’t be happier with where it has ended up. These 12 songs are quite literally the highlights from the writing process.”

A prime example of this sentiment is “Ghost Town,” which is a duet with American singer/songwriter ROZES. The song features a plethora of upbeat layers and textures that contradict yet compliment the lyrics’ somber theme, giving the track a great energy whilst still retaining its sincerity.

“‘Ghost Town’ is about being stuck in a relationship where convenience has been put ahead of love in terms of importance,” the band shares. “All the excitement, passion and friendship has expired and the relationship itself left resembling a ‘Ghost Town.'”

About working with Flawes, ROZES says, “‘Ghost Town’ is such a haunting and emotional song. I’m so excited to be collaborating with Flawes on this because it is the perfect mix of raw and real with vulnerable and energetic. I had so much fun working with and hanging out with Flawes during the creation of this song and music video. They have so much talent and passion going into their work, and I can’t wait for the world to hear it.”

“Ghost Town” arrives the day before Flawes are set to headline London’s The Grace as part of their hometown headline shows. The trio will also headline The Parish, Huddersfield on October 18

Flawes’ debut album Highlights will release via Red Bull Records on January 31, 2020.

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