Rage Against The Machine To Return?

It seems Rage Against The Machine have something up their sleeve. The band launched a countdown clock on a new website, prophetsofrage.com. The countdown clock is counting to June 1. If you write in an email address, you’ll be taken to an image reading “Clear the way for the prophets of rage”, which, oddly enough, is a lyrics from Public Enemy’s song “Prophets of Rage”. The image also includes a hashtag “#TakeThePowerBack”, which is taken from the RATM song of the same name. Posters of the image that appears on the website have also been popping up all over Los Angeles.

courtesy of RATM’s official Twitter

The band’s official Twitter has been pretty active since the link to the website went live, tweeting “@OldManTrump” and retweeting an image of Donald Trump that appeared in Rage Against The Machine’s video for “Sleep Now In The Fire”, which was released in 1999. Public Enemy’s Chuck D has also been active on Twitter since the announcement, tweeting  and later deleting a bunch of videos of Rage Against The Machine performances. Considering Rage Against The Machine quoted Public Enemy on their new website, Chuck D’s involvement suggests this could lead to a possible Public Enemy/RATM collaboration coming our way in the very near future.   Especially with the state of affairs in the world today, a Rage Against The Machine reunion is definitely welcome.

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