Beasts Behind the Beats Week I: Scotty Wu

Kansas City, MO

It’s Happy Hour,” the bartender informs me as she looks around at the people huddled together. Taking in the scene, she notices the 3 men in the corner wearing Skyrim shirts . Sitting in the booth next to the jukebox, a girl with large framed glasses sits doodling on her iPad. She suddenly lets off a small, but distinct chuckle.

The bartender shakes his head as I reach to pay for my glass of Black and Tan. She nods over to the corner where a young man with a huge afro sits. He waves me over, motioning me to come and sit. Today he sits in a posture with his legs crossed, as if he is a Kung Fu Master in heavy meditation. He wears an old-school waist-length leather jacket that makes me wonder if the name of this bar is actually The Regal Begal.

However, those thoughts disappear when he hands me his latest beat tape. Ironically, the name of the beat tape is “The Happy Hour”.

Ladies and Gentlemen, meet Scotty Wu!

Scotty Wu! It’s an honor bro! My first question is, what got you started producing?

Scotty Wu: “I’ve always loved music, as a kid I would listen to my father jam out on a guitar and it really got me interested. I remember getting this game on PS1 called MTV Music Generator 2 It was like a real basic beat making game but at my age it was pretty amazing and inspiring. in 2006 I downloaded FL Studio 6 on a roommates computer in college and since that day I have continued to love and create music with “Fruity Loops”.

Tell us about your Beat album. What inspired it and how are people receiving it?

Scotty Wu: “The Happy Hour” is my Newest EP which is also free to download on my Soundcloud is a musical perspective of who I am. My production style is real chill and groovy with a hint of darkness. It’s my first release with the KC based label I have recently just signed a deal with which is Indyground Entertainment. With the help of Steddy P, I’ve had the opportunity to venture out with him on his “Picture Perfect Broken Home” Tour (which is also the title of his new album I had the honor of co-producing) and present this project to ears I may have never reached on my own. I have received so much positive feed back from all sorts of people ranging from all sorts of ages. Its truly one of my greatest pieces of work.

Where do you see Hip-Hop going in the future?

Scotty Wu: With the way things are with music it’s so hard to tell, I feel like Hip-Hop has a glimmer of hope of retaking the throne of what plays through a majority of people’s speakers. But the radio makes it really hard when you’re hitting the Quan and Dabbing to Rae Sremmurd all day. These fads change up every 4 minutes, but I won’t lie I’m that guy bumping Future’s last 6 projects over Kendrick’s new album.

Who is on your playlist right now?

Scotty Wu: Future, Outkast, Curren$y, Wiz Khalifa and Mac Miller always get play.

What projects do you have coming up?

The album I just Co-Produced for Steddy P “Picture Perfect Broken Home” was released and you can get that on iTunes or I am also working on my first album with Indyground! It will be a mix of things all original production from me. You might hear some rappers or singers. Who knows…it’s a surprise! I am also working on something special with my label mate Dom Chronicles. You can look forward to seeing all this in 2016! Also make sure you check out my Soundcloud to stay updated on new available beats for purchasing from me as well as new music! I appreciate the Nerdcore community for accepting me in!

Check out “The Legend Of Mana” Cypher below with some hard hitting Nerdcore rappers!


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