[Songs For Spring] Christian Besa Wright – Cherry Blossom Oak

Music is powerful, and the lens through which we observe it can affect our feelings, whether we’re listening to music when we are happy, or sad, or when we are spending time with loved ones, or just enjoying time outside by ourselves. For every situation, we can overlay a track, and walk step in tune. That’s why I feel that the seasons too can be synchronized with music, which is the idea behind this new feature. Every few weeks of this season, and nature willing, the seasons to come, I will write a short review for a recent song that I feel accurate portrays the essence of the season.

So, what is this weeks song? It’s “Cherry Blossom Oak” by Christian Besa Wright.

Released in March by the Los Angeles based and up and coming indie artist Christian Besa Right, “Cherry Blossom Oak” is an airy folk song, aided by soft percussion and is at moments sprinkled with the twang of acoustic guitar. The song starts with soft harmonies where Wright sings perspicacious lyrics, reflecting on the uncomfortable and sometimes confusing realities of aging into adulthood. The song features a unique lyrical style that is without a standard chorus and instead contains eight couplets, with each one working as a new verse. In the beginning Wright sings:

“Born of dust and gold
Growing up is so uncomfortable

Tried to whiten out the yolk
All these questions were a handful“

Later he invokes the essence of Spring, and becomes inquisitive about the nature of the Cherry Blossom, which blooms in the Spring, its myriad of pink falling to the ground, and in the wind. In Japan the tree is called “Sakura” and it symbolizes the transience and the fragility of life, which is reflected in this song as each new verse falls down like the sakura petals, but instead of gliding in the wind, they instead whisk away in your mind, leaving you too to reflect on the nature of life.

Christian Bella Wright‘s music can be found on his bandcamp as well as all streaming services.

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