Stone Sour To Release Two More Cover EPs

Stone Sour have confirmed two more cover EPs following their Record Store Day exclusive Meanwhile In Burbank… featuring covers of legendary artists Black Sabbath, Metallica, KISS, Judas Priest and Alice in Chains. The two upcoming EPs are titled Straight Out of Burbank and No Sleep ‘Til Burbank, and will feature covers of Bad Brains, Mötley Crüe, Rage Against the Machine and Violent Femmes.

Meanwhile In Burbank… was started back in October last year after their North American tour treated fans to a different live cover every night, including Metallica’s “Creeping Death,” KISS’ “Love Gun,” and Peter Gabriel’s “In Your Eyes.”

Most recently in the latest podcast of Hatebreed’s Jamey Jasta, Stone Sour and Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor spoke more on the first cover EP before its release this past weekend-

“We were just kind of doing [the covers] to kind of fill in some blanks and have some fun and do whatever. There’s obviously the little bit of negativity where everybody’s just, like, ‘Oh, well, they’re doing covers. They’re over.’ And it’s, like, that’s not exactly why we’re doing it, assholes. So just settle down and go back to your troll den and figure it out.”

Taylor goes on to say, “We just wanna share some of these songs that we grew up loving, and we just kind wanna pay homage to the bands that got us into music in the first place.”

Asked what fans can expect from the next two EPs to follow, Taylor only hinted at the range reaching further than the first, Straight Out of Burbank having ‘everything from Bad Brains to Mötley Crüe on it’ while No Sleep ‘Til Burbank will ‘probably have everything from Violent Femmes to Rage Against the Machine.’

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