Stone Temple Pilots End Open Auditions For Vocalist

Stone Temple Pilots have closed open auditions in the search of a new vocalist to front the four-man band. Auditions opened in February nearly an exact month ago, allowing any singer, professional or just a fan, to submit an audition.

After a fan-splitting yet successful return with Linkin Park’s Chester Bennington, the band is not ready to call it quits- “The intent is for Stone Temple Pilots to continue on,” they wrote in announcing the auditions; “To evolve, and to do what we do… make music!”

Forced to depart to focus on Linkin Park and his family, Bennington and Pilots announced his leave back in November after four tours and an EP High Rise. They are reuniting for their final performance March 26th for charity show From Bach to Rock. No word has been given on the songs recorded for the then-planned album with Bennington.

Though the bold decision to hold open auditions shortly followed the death of founding frontman Scott Weiland last December, the DeLeo brothers and Eric Kretz have made clear “no one will ever ‘replace’ Scott” and joined in tribute with fans and artists alike. Weiland’s dismissal in early 2013 surprised their fans, revealing Bennington surprised their fans, the open auditions to front a legend of a band surprised them all– all that can be done is eagerly await their choice on a new vocalist later this year. ‘Thousands’ of entries have come through, making the anticipation for many a bit nerve-wrecking.

“You know,” guitarist Dean DeLeo tells The Pulse of Radio, “I promise you one thing: we’re not gonna settle.

“This person has to be really, really great. You know, we had the fortune of being in a band with one of the greats — twice! You know, Chester included. So we’re not gonna settle.”

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