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[Concert Review] Coheed and Cambria: “Neverender GAIBSIV” tour

Coheed and Cambria performed 'Good Apollo I'm Burning Star IV, Volume 1: From Fear Through The Eyes of Madness' in its entirety.

I swear Neverenders never get old.

For those of you not familiar with Coheed and Cambria, a Neverender is exactly what it sounds like: It’s a concert where the band plays one (or a few) of their albums sequentially cover to cover. It’s a beautiful thing. If you’re like me and enjoy appreciating songs as part of the full picture of the album they were released on, it is a live music event dream come true!

In celebration of the 12th birthday of their most successful album, this year’s Neverender was a full play through of Good Apollo I’m Burning Star IV, Volume 1 : From Fear Through the Eyes of MadnessGAIBSIV was the band’s third studio release and is the proud holder of their mega-hit single “Welcome Home” (which I believe was required by law to be everyone’s Myspace profile song for at least 2 months back in 2005). GAIBSIV is a continuation of a story from the albums prior which chronicles The Amory Wars.  You can pick up companion copies of the companion comics for this album which are currently being released at BOOM! studios.

Opening for Coheed and Cambria was Rhode Island-based prog-rock band The Dear Hunter.  The band originated as a side project of Casey Crescenzo, formerly of The Receiving End of Sirens.  The band boasts and impressive discography of seven studio albums, a demo, two live albums and 13 EP’s.

The Dear Hunter put on an energetic and entertaining opening act despite a lack-luster (and honestly a little headache-inducing) light show accompaniment.  I was not previously familiar with the band’s music at all prior to seeing them perform at this show and was pleasantly surprised. Though I don’t know that I will be going out of my way any time soon to look up their full discography, I wouldn’t mind stumbling across them again on Pandora in the future. I do appreciate that they have an extensive storyline to tell across their albums in true prog-rock fashion, although I think I have my hands full enough following The Amory Wars at the moment.

I may be a little biased, but I do honestly believe that Coheed and Cambria consistently put on some of the best live shows. This year’s Neverender was no exception. The visuals on screen behind the band ranged from video clips to trippy, moving artwork and really added to the feel and experience of the full album. The energy from the band was high and engaging. Something about being able to anticipate the next song in the lineup also seems to really amp up the audience in a way that is incomparable to other concerts.

After the conclusion of GAIBSIV (including hidden track Bron-Y-Aur, a nod to Led Zepplin), the band ended the set with a three song encore that included “Island,” “Delirium Trigger” and “In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3.”

Coheed fans are an interesting group.  We refer to each other as Children of the Fence (COTF), a reference to Heaven’s Fence: The universe in which The Amory Wars takes place.  By the end of the encore, most of us in the back row had one arm around our neighbor and our other index finger up in the air during the lyric “we were one among The Fence.”

Overall, the show was phenomenal.  For those of you in Europe you can still get tickets to the European leg of the tour, which I highly recommend.

[Blogs from the Pit] The Color Before the Sun Tour @ The Fillmore 03/05/16

Silver Snakes

Silver Snakes

A few weekends ago I made the hike back to Philadelphia for The Color Before The Sun Tour with headliner Coheed and Cambria alongside Glassjaw and I The Mighty, with opening act Silver Snakes. Unlike the Safetysuit show last month which was upstairs in The Foundry, this took place in the main venue downstairs at The Fillmore. It’s a bit of a strange set up to say the least. There’s a wide open pit/GA area in front of the stage that’s flanked on either side by a metal barricade behind which there’s a wall-length bar on either side. There’s also a GA balcony upstairs and a few seats towards the back on both levels. All in all not a bad venue, but the having to flash your wristband every time you pass the barricade from bar to GA area and back did get a little annoying.

I got to the show a little early and headed over to will call to pick up my photo pass. This was my first show ever having a photo pass so I was naturally nervous and feeling pretty out of my element. Everyone else who was in the photo pit with me had crazy equipment and were talking shop about what shows they’d already shot this month and where they were headed next. I do have to say though that all of them were welcoming, pleasant, and helpful and not once did they make me feel out of place.

The show opened with up-and-comers Silver Snakes who are new to Evil Ink. It was a good energy to start a show. Everyone was sort of feeling out the venue and the sound these guys had really helped warm up the audience. Unfortunately their set was rather short and by the time I was really getting into what they had to offer they were calling it a night. I look forward to seeing where these guys go because I feel like Silver Snakes are really going to come into their own over the next few years.

I The Mighty

I The Mighty

I really cannot say enough good things about I The Mighty. They’ve got the sound, they’ve got the energy, and they’ve got the stage presence. Yet another disappointingly short 5 song set list had me wishing I could catch another show on this tour just to see these guys crank out a few more songs. These guys know how to use a whole stage to their advantage; running from one end to another and never letting the flow slow down. From the second they opened with “Lady of Death” off of their most recent release Connector right until the last note of “Speak to Me” they honestly never. Stopped. Moving. It was incredible and it had me so pumped up for the rest of the show…

Which is maybe why I was so underwhelmed by Glassjaw. I KNOW, I KNOW I’m going to catch a ton of flak for this but honestly the only energetic thing about this performance was their strobe lights on steroids which I lovingly called a an epileptic’s death wish. Their lights were nauseatingly fast and bright and their songs just didn’t translate well live. At one point I had one of the guys standing next to me ask if they had just been playing one long song for their entire set because it all ran together. It didn’t help that their fans were rowdy and rude either. If there’s one thing I pride myself on and look for in other people it’s show etiquette and that all went right out



the window for this set. Right after “Mu Empire”, their second song of the night, lead singer Daryl Palumbo stopped everything to have security escort “that asshole in the button down starting shit in the pit” out the emergency exit for trying to throw punches and (allegedly from what’s I’ve heard) spitting in a girl’s face. Two people got helped out of the pit after getting kicked in the face by crowd surfers and a couple were escorted out for drunkenly stumbling around the bar with their hands down each other’s pants (AND A PARTRIDGE IN A PEAR TREE). So between all the distractions and trying not to throw up from the light show from hell I have to say I enjoyed Glassjaw’s set the least. Maybe it was just a bad experience for me, or maybe they just aren’t my style. I plan to give them another listen outside of the live music scene and maybe then I’ll find a new appreciation for them. Until then? Meh.


Coheed and Cambria

And then… like a (solid… not strobing) beacon in the night, there was Coheed and Cambria. Enter Claudio and Travis, two acoustic guitars in hand and a soft, purple spotlight. They opened with just the two of them doing an acoustic version of “Ghost” off their newest album The Color Before the Sun for which the tour is named. After a quick gear change the band came on stage for “In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3” and the crowd when nuts. Coheed and Cambria always put on a great show and this was no exceptions. They played a variety of their repertoire and played at least one song from every album excluding Year of the Black Rainbow and Afterman: Ascension. They closed their primary set with “Audience” and “Peace to the Mountain” which, being the last two songs on the latest studio album, felt like a fitting end to the show. These two songs feel like they belong together and I’m glad they were played back to back as they appeared on TCBTS. After a 5 minutes departure the guys came back for an encore starting with “You’ve Got Spirit Kid” which ended with a confetti drop and a very happy audience.

Their second encore song choice was “Everything Evil” which felt fitting as that particular day with the 13th anniversary of the release of Second Stage Turbine Blade. At this point I had navigated my way out of the GA area and had hung out at the bar stage left. There was a bearded guy to my right who was belting out every word to “Everything Evil” with me and we were having a total blast. Coheed ended the show with “Welcome Home” which of course had everyone screaming and going insane from the first note. Me and my buddy at the bar were singing to each other arm in arm through the entire thing and after the last notes were play we high fived and hugged each other. As I’ve said before and I’ll say again, the people you find at a show can make (or break) a show as much as the artists themselves can.

I left the venue with no voice, a ringing in my ears, and a camera with a full SD card and I couldn’t have been happier.

Coheed and Cambria Announce New Album, The Color Before The Sun

Coheed and Cambria has announced their latest album, The Color Before The Sun, set to release on October 9th via 300 Entertainment. In the meantime, the band has offered fans a chance to stream the first single from their album, “You Got Spirit, Kid” via their website. You can also preview the lyrical video below.

This is Coheed’s follow up album to 2013’s, The Afterman: Desension. Although this is their 8th album, this is their first non-conceptual album. This album is a huge departure from their previous work as this album features songs written from a personal & emotional perspective over fiction.

On the subject of the direction of their new album, Claudio Sanchez states,

“I kind of want people to know that COHEED can write that sort of record.” He continued,  “I’ve always said in the past that there’s never been a limitation on the band. It makes no sense to me to draw a line in the sand and never cross it.”

The full track-listing has yet to be announced.

Coheed and Cambria – You Got Spirit, Kid

Coheed and Cambria will be on tour beginning in August.
Tour dates Listed below:

August 8     Nashville, TN  –   Ink-N-Iron Festival
August 9     Atlanta, GA   –  Wrecking Ball Atlanta
August 14     Kent, England  –   Hevy Fest 2015
August 15     Amsterdam, Netherlands  –   Neverender IKSSE:3
August 16    Holte-Stkenbrock, Geramyn  –   Serengeti Festival
August 18     Frankfurt, Germany   –  Neverender IKSSE:3
August 19     Cologne, Germany   –  Neverender IKSSE:3
August 20     Gampel, Switzerland –    Open Air Gampel Festival
August 21     Hasselt, Belgium  –   Pukkelpop
August 28-30     Denver, CO  –  Riot Fest
September 11-13    Chicago, IL –  Riot Fest
September 13     Sterling Heights, MI    Chill on the Hill
September 19-20    Toronto, ON  –   Riot Fest
October 25     Sacramento, CA  –   Aftershock Festival
October 31     Phoenix, AZ  –   Monster Mash Music Festival
November 6-8     Austin, TX  –   Fun Fun Fun Fest