The Damn Choir Launches Kickstarter

The Damn Choir

Although they are under 1,500 likes on Facebook and are still playing small venues and fests in Chicago, The Damn Choir is a band to look out for. I discovered them at Wicker Park Fest, a local Chicago music and food festival, this Summer and have not stopped listening since.

Although the rain and overcast had the crowd more down than usual at the seasonal fest, The Damn Choir came out and surprised those unfamiliar with their music. With angst-filled, raw lyrics and a pure raspy voice, you can’t help but love, Gordon Robertson and the gang persuaded the audience to skip walking away to grab another beer and listen to the rhythmic mix of guitar and cello.

Reminding me of the likes of The Lumineers and The Color Fred, acoustic guitar couldn’t sound any better accompanied by Gordon’s voice and Katy Meyer’s cello skills. Katy also provides eerily beautiful backing vocals at times.

The Damn Choir’s songs will take you on an emotional roller coaster, the music may sound happy while the lyrics remind you of past relationship you can’t let go of – My favorites are ‘Stars on Strings’ and ‘Virginia’.

The Chicago natives just finished recording their third album, ‘Creatures of Habit’ and are currently running a Kickstarter which can be found here. The hard work, blood, sweat and tears that this band puts into touring and recording should not go unnoticed.

After seeing them during the Summer, I knew I had to attend their last show of the year at the Double Door. As expected, they were no disappointment and played songs off this upcoming album.

But as the band admits,

Getting on the radio is no easy task, so it’s important that we get [this] album in the hands of as many people as we can. No matter the challenges, we’re taking to the road to support “Creatures Of Habit”, and we’re gonna rock out every show we play.

Feel free to check out the band on Facebook here or check out my favorite oldie but goodie recording of ‘Devil’s Frown’ and ‘Butcher’ here.

Sources: The Damn Choir’s Facebook, The Damn Choir Official Website & Kickstarter



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