The Ocean Collective To Release Massive 3 DVD Set

On the heels of their hugely successful album “The Pelagial” The Ocean Collective are now releasing a behemoth of a DVD set with a total run time of 500 minutes. Billed as a “thorough look into the lives, history, and touring experience of the band”, “The Collective Oblivion” includes:

– Multiple camera shots of three full live concerts with a total of 21 individual song performances

– Various extra live clips filmed across the globe

– 130 minutes of band history, told by past & present band members

– 175 minutes of tour documentaries and live footage filmed in North America, Asia, Russia, Australia, and Europe

– 2 previously unreleased video clips for 2 tracks off “Anthropocentric” – unreleased old video clips and live footage from the “Fluxion”, “Aeolian” and “Precambrian” eras

– Live visuals

The band has not set a specific release date only saying “We will ship as soon as products arrive (probably late October / early November).”

 Source: Pelagic Records

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