The Offspring’s Dexter Holland Talks New Single and Album’s Progress

Earlier this year, The Offspring released their newest single “Coming For You” providing the only taste so far of their upcoming record since 2012’s Days Go By, with not one mention of the title, tracklisting or even a release date given. Loudwire Nights recently spoke with vocalist and guitarist Dexter Holland, questioning the clever marketing strategy:

“We’re not that clever,” Holland laughed, “we’re just lazy. Every other time we’ve done a record, we hunker down and go into the studio for a year or however long it takes. We just decided not to do it that way this time. We thought [we’ll] just do a couple of songs, work on them when we feel inspired and when we have it done, [then] why wait? Let’s just go ahead and put it out.”

Holland goes on to say the record is likely halfway done with some work to do still. Whether “Coming For You” says much on the overall sound of the new album, he isn’t certain himself- “People have described it as a throwback song in a good way [laughs] I’ll take that! I don’t know.”

Holland describes their creative process for this album as spontaneous and relaxed, with their only plans so far for this year already set with the US and European tours starting in April. Still, fans hope and expect the new album to drop in 2015.

Dates and tickets for their US and European festival plans can be found HERE.

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