Album Review: Warpaint – New Year New Album

January was a good month for LA-based band, Warpaint, who released their second album. If you haven’t heard them before, it’s best to just start with the new.

Their self-titled album is singular to the kinds of sounds the band had in their previous album, The Fool, which was released in the US in 2010. It’s interesting how Warpaint, although originating from LA, gives off more of a European vibe, maybe Oregon, Washington, a non-sunny kind of place. Not to make it seem like the band is boring or depressing they just bestow the world with its minimalist song arrangements which I personally tend to be a fan of at times (blame the introvert inside). All the visions that come to mind while playing Warpaint include coffee shops, immersed in a writing trance, not worrying about the devastating fact this year has consisted of being neck-deep in snow.

I feel as though with their new album, Warpaint can finally conquer the American market more than they have in the past; they’ve done lots of growing up in the last few years. The band has gotten the privilege to do two covers for the imminent David Bowie Tribute Album joining a nice roll call including Duran Duran, MGMT, We Are the World, among others. David Bowie is awesome in his own way and being able to be part of a tribute album is something I’m sure we can all appreciate.


has music I can write to. Meaning, while I sit here and stare at an empty page with dozens of notes and papers and scores of distractions, I can just jam. It’s a rare thing, to be able to find something in a chord or a riff that can allow you to enjoy it and somehow still be productive. It’s not distracting in the “I’m going to lip sing and play my air guitar”. It’s not music that can sidetrack you with the “I need to Google the lyrics right now because this reminds me of my life”. It entertains and serves its purpose as ambiance music. Warpaint has got a long path ahead of them, but if they stick to their current strategy of reinventing themselves and being true to their nature as musicians I’m sure there will be lots to come.

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