‘The Wolf Of System Of A Down’- DiCaprio Does Chop Suey

Anyone who has had the pleasure of seeing ‘The Wolf Of Wall Street’, may already know that Leonardo DiCaprio played the young billionaire, Jordan Belfort, with absolute perfection, and at some points, the perfect amount of rage. Enough rage to be combined with a System Of A Down Song? Apparently so. A brilliant ‘Chop Suey’- Wolf Of Wall Street mash-up has made its ways to YouTube and it does not disappoint. The clip is the perfect combination of clips from the movie, bad lip reading, and, well, ‘Chop Suey’.

The video, entitled ‘The Wolf Of System Of A Down’, is clips of Leonardo DiCaprio from the movie, with the song playing in sync with his words. The scenes featured in the clip are mostly from DiCaprio’s intense speech, where he is contemplating the idea of quitting due to pressure from the federal government, as well as a few other clips from various parts of the film. Check out video below!


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