Germany’s 7 Goals in Alternative Music

Germany left us all in a daze, when they brutally destroyed Brazil’s soccer team “Seleção” in their own country’s World Cup tournament. The poor Brazilian’s had to take a historical loss ending with the 1:7 result of utter humiliation. But Germany doesn’t only have awesome soccer players (and damn good looking ones – *cough* Manuel Neuer *cough*), but they are also on top with their Alternative music scene. Check out the 7 German bands who could win an Alternative Music World Cup anytime!

1. Die Toten Hosen

In Germany, there are two bands who have shaped German Punk Rock like no other band. The Toten Hosen were founded in 1982 and are still impacting the charts. The second band will be featured later, so stay tuned! Here is my favorite song “Pushed Again”. Its video will render you speechless. You can compare them to our core player Bastian Schweinsteiger: they are always there to save the genre.

2. Jennifer Rostock

She’s hot, eloquent and sassy. Jennifer Weist, front singer of Pop Rockers Jennifer Rostock doesn’t mince matters, but spits her lyrics right into your face. Here’s a little translation: “Too nice for Indie, to obscene for mainstream. […]It’s good the way it is, it shall stay the way it is. We don’t have to find ourselves, we are always at the bar.” i dare you check out the song in German! Jennifer Rostock is the musical version of Thomas Müller: hot headed, unpredictable and funny.

3. Kraftklub

This band sold out their upcoming club tour in minutes! How frustrating, cause I didn’t get a ticket! You can’t ignore Kraftklub! They released their debut album “Mit K” (“With K”) two years ago and it shot straight to number one. The fact that a rapper and a rock band merged to this band describes their sound perfectly. But if you imagine Linkin Park or Limp Bizkit now, you’re totally wrong! This band is pure fun! You can tell by the orgy in the video below! Just like Toni Kroos they master all standards and take over the field by storm.

4. Die Ärzte

German Punk Rock is “Die Ärzte”. Just like Die Toten Hosen, they were founded in 1982 and are part of German punk history. Their lyrics are highly ironic and always walk the fine line between fun and social criticism. Their song “Junge” (“Boy”) deals with the typical generational conflict of parents and their young adult children, but in an extremely fun way. Here’s a taste: “And how you look like again, holes in your nose, and always this noise (what will the neighbors say), electrical guitars, and always those lyrics, no one wants to hear that (what will the neighbors say).” The lyrics are so simple and don’t even rhyme properly which just makes the song funnier. In addition they dealt with their constant conflict with German censorship (they once had to have all records destroyed which almost ruined the band financially) by covering the gory details in the video with funny comic characters. Here’s our Miroslav Klose of Punk music: old but gold.

5. Sizarr

Close your eyes and imagine a band as hipster as it could be. The result will look very similar to the guys from Sizarr. The young trio is from a very small town in Germany, but their music was hailed by critics in New York. This is as Alternative as it gets. Our musical pendant of André Schürrle: the joker who always scores!

6. Beatsteaks

The close friends of Die Ärzte are an indispensable part of Germans festival culture. They are regulars at all the big festivals from Southside to Rock am Ring. Their rock songs are already great, but even greater when consumed in the sun with an ice cold beer and the best friends. Now think of one German soccer player who you’d want to spend some warm summer evenings with! Exactly! Mats Hummels!

7. Rammstein

Of course, I don’t have to introduce Rammstein! They are loud, wild and heavy. Their crazy live show is total intimidation – a wall of fire and other scary stuff. A strong force of German metal that just destroys everything in their way! Exactly like Manuel Neuer destroyed Brazil with every single ball he caught. That last Brazilian score didn’t make a difference in comparison to his overall performance.

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