Germany’s 7 Goals in Alternative Music

Germany left us all in a daze, when they brutally destroyed Brazil’s soccer team “Seleção” in their own country’s World Cup tournament. The poor Brazilian’s had to take a historical loss ending with the 1:7 result of utter humiliation. But Germany doesn’t only have awesome soccer players (and damn good looking ones – *cough* Manuel Neuer *cough*), but they are also on top with their Alternative music scene. Check out the 7 German bands who could win an Alternative Music World Cup anytime!

1. Die Toten Hosen

In Germany, there are two bands who have shaped German Punk Rock like no other band. The Toten Hosen were founded in 1982 and are still impacting the charts. The second band will be featured later, so stay tuned! Here is my favorite song “Pushed Again”. Its video will render you speechless. You can compare them to our core player Bastian Schweinsteiger: they are always there to save the genre.

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