July 2017

Artists To Watch

[AltWire Interview] Seranation

West End Trading Company is a hot spot for reggae in Sanford, Fla., The venue has not only hosted big names in the independent music scene but has also been a major spot for local and regional bands. Among them is Seranation, from St. Petersburg. Since having the pleasure of watching Seranation perform in April […]

Artists To Watch

[AltWire Interview] Singer-songwriter Corey Kilgannon

Corey Kilgannon is an acoustic singer-songwriter who recently returned to his hometown of Jacksonville Beach, Florida. His unique indie folk music has honest, poignant lyrics and tender but powerful guitars that reach out to audiences on an emotional level. He has released a few well-received records over the past several years, including Hospital Hymns and […]


Goodbye Old Friend: Chester Bennington 1976-2017

Six days have passed since the unfortunate passing of Linkin Park vocalist Chester Bennington. In the days and hours that have passed since, the AltWire staff have found ourselves struggling to find the right words to describe the impact of this tragic loss.  Many of us, through our social media and conversations among friends, have […]

Artists To Watch

[Artists To Watch] Resinated

Resinated are a St Petersburg, Florida four piece who blend a reggae feel with funk, pop and rock influences. At a show at 1904 Music Hall in Jacksonville, Florida, I recently had a chance to speak with them about their current headlining tour sponsored by Magical Butter, their sound and what it takes to get […]

Artists To Watch

[Artists To Watch] The Ellameno Beat

It is always a pleasure to be around musicians with genuine enthusiasm and deep-rooted passion for their art. An immense energy and real joy radiates from within people who truly love their craft. Reggie Froom is one of those hard to find people. Reggie is the charismatic, long-haired vocalist and founder of reggae crossover group The Ellameno […]

Artists To Watch

[Concert Review] Westfield Massacre at The Gem

Photos courtesy of Shark Bait Photography. LA-based metal band Westfield Massacre hit Idaho Falls, ID at The Gem on their North American Meltdown tour on July 12, 2017. And meltdown they did, pumping up the crowd to brutal guitar riffs and solos, mind-altering drum beats and killer bass lines topped with amazing vocals. Westfield Massacre was formed […]