[Concert Review] Falling In Reverse at 20 Monroe Live

Falling In Reverse at 20 Monroe Live in Grand Rapids July 15.

All photos by B.M.Wells Photos.

After performing at the Chicago Open Air Festival, Falling In Reverse stopped by Grand Rapids, Mich. to play a show at 20 Monroe Live.

Local metal acts Spirit Breaker and Of All We Cherish both played loud, powerful sets to help set the mood for the headliners. Both sets were full of crowd surfing and mosh pits.

Of All We Cherish opening for Falling In Reverse.

Of All We Cherish opening for Falling In Reverse.

Falling In Reverse exploded onto the stage with the fun, groovy track “I’m not A Vampire,” and followed it up with their latest single “Superhero.” They powered through an awesome set that consisted of singles such as “Loser” and relatable anthem “I’m Bad At Life.”

Even live, frontman Ronnie Radke’s voice has such an insane range. His voice bounces back and forth from low and throaty screams to high-pitched emo-pop faster than you can keep up. His stage presence is something in and of itself: He’s constantly back and forth across the stage, headbanging and bouncing and jumping and spinning.

There was also a lot of interaction with the crowd. He made jokes with people and at one point asked everyone to sit on the floor and explode to their feet during “Bad Girls Club.”

Towards the end of the set, the show took an unexpected pause due to a medical emergency in the crowd. Ronnie urged the audience to give space and bring water to the injured concert-goer while the venue’s security and medical staff handled the situation. After about 15 minutes, local paramedics arrived and took the girl out.

The EMT’s and the venue’s staff handled the situation great. Huge shout-out to all of them for calming the crowd and dealing with the emergency with care and professionalism.

After about 20 minutes, the show resumed. The band returned to the stage with the same energy they started the set with. They kept powering through the show with singles “Bad Girls Club,” “Fuck You And All Your Friends,” “The Drug In Me Is You” and ended with “Just Like You.”

Falling In Reverse at 20 Monroe Live in Grand Rapids July 15.

As the band left the stage at the end of the show, Ronnie joked about giving someone his shoes.

“Nah, I’m not giving you my shoes,” he said to someone in the audience. Several seconds later, he threw the bright orange kicks into the audience.

Unfortunately, despite the cries and chants from concert-goers, there was no encore.

This was an unorthodox show, but it was fun and energetic and awesome in so many ways. Even despite the last-minute nature and unexpected situations that occurred during the set, it was definitely an awesome show.

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