A Strange & Enjoyable Pleasure: Still Corners – “Strange Pleasures”


So you’ve listened to every single track in every single playlist you’ve made. Yes, even that show tunes playlist you secretly hide yet know it’s there. You’ve turned to Pandora or to iTunes radio and nothing seems to quench that uncontrollable thirst for what you desire. Deep in your core you want something that can satisfy every  inch of your being. With music, this can be hard but this is exactly how I was feeling moments ago. I wasn’t depressed enough to listen to Mumford and Sons, and I wasn’t feeling exactly chipper to chime in on some punky hip track. Then, I stumbled upon Still Corners’ recent album, “Strange Pleasures”. I plugged them in, and I let myself travel out of this realm. I was able to astral project myself into a grand staff of notes juxtaposed with lyrics and a wild combination of self awareness.

Released in May of 2013, ‘Strange Pleasures” is my go-to album this year to find upbeat serenity; to find myself lost within the music; to find meaning after a day of too much coffee and too many cigarettes. Still Corners, a duo based out of London, has a whimsical, effortless way of manipulating wind chimes and a bass, and with Tessa Murray at lead vocals, you’ve suddenly discovered something that should have came out of “A Midnight Summer’s Dream”, without the weird nymphs, of course. Underrated and probably a well kept secret, Still Corners mixes their indie British roots with a twist of eccentricities that regardless of the genre you most desire, will not leave you disappointed. Still Corners’ first debut album was ‘Creatures of an Hour’, which although good, you can feel the duo grow into maturity through the second; a trip fans rarely take with their favorite artists. So they’re rough around the edges but what band isn’t? Although their songs are filled quite nicely, Still Corners runs the risk of having some of their tracks become too busy; described best as being on the verge of an acid trip. Their rugged freshness is a quality that most artist try to rid themselves of, but in reality it’s what sets them apart. It’s like being a music induced coma, but in a good way.  There are lots of bands out now with the electric, dream-like quality that Still Corners has but in their defense, they have shown so much potential that I’m sure they will continue to provide quality sounding music and show diversity in their tracks.

So you’ve grown tired of the overbearing lyrics in your favorite band’s LP. Or after a dispute with a significant other, you’ve grown tired of the incompetence of basic radio. That fresh gulp of water that you need and probably do not realize would be Strange Pleasures, an album to dive into by Still Corners. Let Tessa take you into a different universe by her somber vocals, allow Greg to use the bass and guitar to let you feel something different; something you might not know is real just yet.

Tracks to Listen to:

1.) The Trip
4.) All I Know
5.) Fireflies
9.) Beat City

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