Album Review: Future User – #SteroidsOrHeroin

When I first had the opportunity to listen to Future User’s début album, I admit that I was a bit apprehensive upon reading the album title “#SteroidsOrHeroin.” To me the title just screamed “try-hard”. Thankfully, the tracks on #SteroidsOrHeroin more than made up for its name.

My absolute favorite song on #SteroidsOrHeroin is “Voodoo Juju”. It’s a heavy but electronic sound that was a nearly perfect blend of rock and electronica. I do sincerely hope that this album performs well so DJs will be prepared for my requests for “Clockwork Remix” in the club. Upon listening to the record I can envision the entire album becoming the soundtrack for an indie game, because the band’s creative use of synths creates excellent visuals throughout. The best part is that each track was distinct from the others, including the remixes, without straying too far from the band members’ individual roots.

Overall, the album is enjoyable but could be better. I personally prefer lyrics to have some poetic flow to them, and at times this was not the case on the record. I felt that at times, especially in “TFO,” that the vocals and the instruments clashed. The songs themselves showcased good techniques without being overly complicated so a great lyricist with a stronger voice could really push this album to the next level. Regardless of this imperfection, I would definitely listen to each song again willingly.

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