Album Review: Meg Myers – Make a Shadow EP

Before I start this review, I have to admit that Meg Myers is a sort of personal heroine for me. She manages to be funny, cool, sexy without bowing to the industry – her music is as authentic as it could get. For someone who really loves music, but is tired of the same melodies, same stories and same images being repeated in pop culture, Meg Myers is just a refreshing new appearance in this boring mainstreamy world. Now, I’m not saying that there are enough other bands or artists who are authentic and creative, but Meg manages to bring those worlds together like no other contemporary singer.

If you expect this review to be a gushing praise of her newest work, be warned, because I tend to be more critical with artists I expect a lot from. Let’s not forget that Meg is at the beginning of her career. Her songs are better than many artists that have released a ton of albums already and the sky is the limit, but don’t forget that great artists have fallen because praise is given out too lightly. In my recent interview with Meg, she seemed to be a humble and extremely creative person who tries to create the music she feels. The best advice for her future career: don’t change!

The EP starts with Meg’s current single “Desire” – probably one of the best tracks Meg has released since her debut single “Monster”, so definitely a very good choice for the EP’s lead single. Meg’s vocals are enticing and threatening at the same time. The combination of breathy verses (“Baby, I wanna fuck you,I wanna feel you in my bones, Boy, I’m gonna love you, I’m gonna tear into your soul”) and the repetitive shouting of “How do you want me?” in the chorus, make “Desire” a promise and a challenge. Beware guys, Meg’s out to eat you!

With the EP’s second song “Go” Meg delivers an angsty rock track. Here, Meg showcases the diversity of her vocals: the verses are sung delicately and melodious, begging a certain someone to “Leave me Alone” in contrast to the chorus which kills it with raw guitars and a very cool Meg nonchalantly saying “Go”. The track ends with some good ol’ screaming.
It took me a while to get into the track. After the first listen, I was positively surprised that the song is so rock ‘n’ roll, but after listening to it some more, I started to dislike the song. In preparation for this review, I had “Go” on repeat and now I really dig it! The song doesn’t follow the simple formula of a rock song, so it might be difficult to get into it in the beginning, but I strongly recommend you keep it in your playlist.

I think with “Make A Shadow” Meg has created a song that will forever be among her biggest hits. The lyrics are dreamy and playful – longing for the bygone days of childhood. Musically the verses are sung in a staccato rhythm that gives the song a carefree atmosphere, which is intensifies when the chorus starts. Like “Go”, “Make a Shadow” has a very strong chorus that carries the whole track. It’s very catchy. I recommend you add the track to your summer playlists. This song has to be listened to in sunlight!

“Heart Heart Head” is another song we’ve already heard before. It was released last year already and – as all Meg Myers songs – created another flood of blog love. Meg sings this track with an extreme intensity. The boiling point is reached when she screams her lungs out at the end of the track.

With “The Morning After” Meg Myers delivers an emotional acoustic ballad. The vocals are really fragile and the lyrics are very poetic. This song reminds me a lot of Laura Marling’s “Night Terror” – it just has a similar character, musically and lyrically. It’s no big surprise the song has become a fan favorite.

Looks like this review turned out more positive than I had planned. Well, good music is good music!

You can buy Meg Myers’ Make A Shadow EP HERE!

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