Altwire Artists To Watch: From Ashes To New

Continuing on our Artists To Watch series of highlighting exciting new bands, I’d like to introduce to our readers the fast-paced adrenaline rush of a band that is From Ashes To New.

Being in High-School when rap-rock nu-metal was seemingly at it’s pinnacle during the turn of the century,  the sound has always stuck out to me as being something exciting and entertaining. Although the majority of those bands popular in the early 2000’s have fizzled out, the bands that survived have mostly given up their rap-rock roots. Bands like Linkin Park, Papa Roach and Kid Rock have all been wildly successful, but that pure unadulterated rap-rock formula has seemingly vanished from their new music repertoire. Yes, we did get a bit of a resurgence every now and then with bands like Hollywood Undead, however, for the most part, rock radio has hidden this gem of a musical genre from the public’s ears. There is one up and coming band, however, that stands boldly with their dual vocalist formula ready to take on the world.

Haling from Lancaster, Pennsylvania, From Ashes To New features melodic keyboarding mixed in with some harsh guitar riffs, pounding bass and driving drums that are topped off with well-written and pointed rapping and singing. Their sound is, in my opinion, heavier than Linkin Park’s or Papa Roach’s vintage sound and their lyrical quality is far superior than Hollywood Undead’s take. No disrespect to the other bands mentioned, however, I felt like it is important to compare them just to say they are not the same.

From Ashes To New’s breakthrough single “Through It All” has made it to number 1 on SiriusXM Octane’s “Big Uns” countdown this weekend with their fresh take on my favorite style of music.

From Ashes To New’s Debut album “Day One” is out this Friday, February 26th.

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