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Voicians is the multi-faceted electronic rock project of German artist/producer Dan Voicians.

Known for producing enthralling electronic rock tracks throughout albums A Matter of Time or the more recent Wasteland and collaborating with the likes of Celldweller, Zardonic and The Quemists, Dan Voicians has been a prominent member of the FiXT team throughout the years, recently contributing a remix to the brand-new Circle of Dust remix album, alt_Machines.

While busy at work preparing for upcoming DJ shows and new material, Dan was kind enough to chat with us here at AltWire about his music and what may be coming next. Read more below!

AltWire [Mark Stoneman]: Hi Dan, thanks so much for taking the time to answer our questions! To kick things off, for those not yet familiar with your music, would you mind first introducing yourself to our readers and tell us a little about Voicians?

Dan Voicians: I’m Dan and I live in the south of Germany. My music project is everything from Drum & Bass to Electronic-Rock and Soundtrack music. I produce and also sing on tracks of other producers and this year I started playing live DJ sets!

AltWire [Mark Stoneman]: You’ve been part of the FiXT family for some time now, would you mind talking about how it all started for Voicians, to eventually joining FiXT?  

Dan Voicians: Yes, crazy to know that I’ve been in contact with FiXT for over 10 years now. They’ve basically started my career. Basically, I heard a Celldweller song in a frag movie and was totally amazed by the power of the song (‘The Last Firstborn’). I checked out more tunes and stumbled upon a FiXT remix contest for ‘Frozen’. That’s where I first remixed a song and played with audio files. Before that contest I used the most lame midi sounds I could find and made some weird experimental stuff.

So my first remix was not even close to being any good but it was a great experience so I was really hooked. I got to know many cool people through following FiXT contests of which some I got 3rd and 1st. The contests were great to spread my name a little bit and I start building a fanbase.

From then on I just kept producing and going further into the Electronic-Rock direction. I’ve always been in contact with FiXT manager James Rhodes who is nowadays also my manager. I kept sending him demos that may have caused serious ear problems but he never stopped checking them out. Finally at some point they wanted to sign me and here we are.

AltWire [Mark Stoneman]: When writing or remixing material, would you mind describing the process you go through, from the initial idea to what eventually becomes a Voicians track?

Dan Voicians: There is always a basic riff at the beginning for my songs. When I remix a track I usually take the vocals or the main riff and write new chords that fit. From there I just take it further and build the song. My production process is always very random. I write some stuff at the beginning, then at the end, change the chorus, program some drums, etc. It really depends.

Also, I usually record some very rough vocal ideas with random words and humming just to know what the final vocal could sound like. Once I’m happy I write lyrics fitting to the demo vocals and record / polish the vocals properly. It’s definitely trial and error 24/7 here in the Voicians studio.

AltWire [Mark Stoneman]: Voicians is a project that often draws from multiple genres and fuses them together. Are there any specific influences musically that come to mind in adding to the direction of Voicians?

Dan Voicians: Definitely! I love so many kinds of music. Pendulum and Celldweller are probably the two that have influenced my music the most, but also movie soundtracks and pop music are a big influence for me. When it comes to genres I really don’t pick only a few. I love all kinds of music.

AltWire [Mark Stoneman]: Aside from musical influences, are there any other examples of media that perhaps play their part in shaping your style?

Dan Voicians: Movies! Every time I watch a movie I get inspired instantly. I watched ‘Arrival’ the other day and as soon as the movie has ended I opened Cubase and started writing some epic orchestral pieces.

There are so many things about movies that can inspire a musician. Not only the soundtrack but also the general message, the plot, the visuals, etc.

AltWire [Mark Stoneman]: I had a great time hearing your remix of Circle of Dust’s ‘Neurachem’ on the upcoming alt_Machines remix album, how would you say you felt while approaching this particular track?

Dan Voicians: Glad you like the remix! It was a great honor to remix this iconic project of Klayton. I’ve been listening to Circle of Dust since I found out about Celldweller.

The song was definitely a challenge because it is already so sick and powerful. I just wanted to transform it into a Drum & Bass banger and had so much fun producing the remix.

AltWire [Mark Stoneman]: Also on the subject of new material, compared to previous Voicians releases, how did you feel throughout the creation of your newest release, Wasteland? Did you find you approached the writing process any differently to before? 

Dan Voicians: Not really. Usually when I work on an album I just collect demos I like and decide which I want to have on there. I then think about a general concept. For Wasteland I wanted to have a dark vibe.

‘Wasteland Coffee Shop’ for example was inspired by the game “Fallout”. I’ve watched some gameplay videos of the game and was really inspired by the general feel the game gives you. I wanted to make a song about a coffee shop within the Wasteland where you get some weird shakes. Don’t take the song too serious, it’s rather a joke to twist it up a little. I liked the contrast of the dark wasteland concept and a happy weird tune.

AltWire [Mark Stoneman]: Congratulations on your first ever DJ set at Liquicity Antwerp! Would you mind talking a little about the set and perhaps where Voicians may be playing next?

Dan Voicians: Thank you! I had a blast. It was really great to DJ. It was also so great to see so many people checking out my set. One dude even took the plane to see me live. Cheers Bob!

My next gig will be on July 20th at Liquicity Festival near Amsterdam. I already have some other gigs lined up, but they have not been announced yet.

I definitely want to hit the road more since I really love DJing. It’s also great to see the world and connect with fans. So if anyone ever sees me at a gig, please say hello! I love meeting the people who listen to my music!

AltWire [Mark Stoneman]: So far 2018 has been an exciting new chapter for Voicians, can I ask what may be coming next for the project?

Dan Voicians: I have much lined up and we will make some major announcements regarding new music soon.

I can already tell you that there will be new Electronic-Rock and Drum & Bass music, guest vocals and remixes this year. Also, I have a side project going with my good friend Muzzy.

So stay tuned, it will be a ride!

AltWire [Mark Stoneman]: Thanks again for taking the time to talk with us here at AltWire! On a final note was there anything else you would like to add, either to fans of your music or to our readers? 

Dan Voicians: Thanks Mark! I just want to thank everyone for supporting my music and if they don’t want to miss any of the new projects, just follow me on Twitter, Spotify or Instagram!

Check out Voicians’ collaboration with Zardonic on ‘Bring Back The Glory’ here!:

Missed Voicians’ recent remix of Circle of Dust’s ‘Neurachem’? Listen here!:

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