The Struts Interview: Q&A With Luke Spiller

The Struts

the-struts-have-you-heard-epWith lead vocals that have often been compared to the late Freddie Mercury and a flamboyant sense of style to boot, The Struts provide a refreshing journey back to rock and roll’s glory days, when sex, drugs, and rock and roll ruled the music world.

Signed to Interscope in late 2015, The Struts released their debut EP in the states titled Have You Heard and are currently working on a brand new album.

We recently caught up with the band’s vocalist Luke Spiller for a Quick Q&A and an introduction to this fantastic band. See what Luke had to say below.

AltWire [Mattison Keesey]: Tell us a little more about yourself. What made you want to get into rock and roll, and what was the catalyst for The Struts forming as a band? How would you best describe your music to new listeners?

Luke Spiller [The Struts]: It was bands like Queen, AC/DC, and The Darkness that made me want to be a front man in my early teens. There was no catalyst, we just started and began to play shows across the UK. Our music is fun, dirty and sexy.

AW: The Struts have been described as “having a chance to spark a real rock revival with their hooky glam sound, which manages to pay tribute to the classics, while remaining impeccably modern”. What is your take on this statement? Would you say this was something the band pushed towards from the beginning?

LS: I don’t have a big opinion on that statement, I’m just doing what I want singing the way I want. I wear my influences on my sleeve.

AW: In the past, your band has said that you felt the last band to truly do something new were The Libertines. Would you say that you’re disappointed with the current state of rock and roll? Do you feel current rock bands lack the courage to truly innovate and try something new, and do you feel The Struts are the answer to that problem?

LS: I have no time to ponder on such issues to be honest. Let bands do what they want to do. If they don’t care about showmanship and great songs then that’s fine with me. That means more tickets to struts shows. I don’t care.

AW: Luke, often, you’ve been compared to Freddy Mercury and Mick Jagger. Is it crazy for you to hear that about yourself, and how does it feel to be compared to musicians that helped change the face of rock and roll?

LS: It makes me laugh! I don’t think about it to much, I’d be lucky to possess half the talent of any of those guys.

AW: At the end of December, you guys joined Motley Crew on stage for their last 4 shows in Las Vegas and LA. How does it feel to know you will be the last band to share a stage with Motley Crew?

LS: It’s a huge honour, I’m sure a lot of bands would kill for this and that makes me feel very special.

AW: You guys say you have a very diverse fan base, which can be somewhat rare among bands these. In your opinion, what is it about The Struts that makes your fan base so diverse?

LS: Our music reminds older generations of bands they love, the young kids think it’s something new because they’ve never heard it before.

AW: It’s been a little over a year since the release of your EP ‘Have You Heard’, and I’m sure the fans are itching to hear some new music from you guys. Have you been working on any new material? Can we expect another EP or even another studio album in the near future?

LS: We will be re-releasing ‘Have You Heard’, with new songs and it’ll be remastered etc. Album 2 on its way.

AW: Traditionally, what is the songwriting and recording process like in The Struts?

LS: Fun and creative!

AW: What’s your favorite gear to use in the studio and in live performances? Anything you’re partial to at the moment?

LS: Not really, but a microphone is always handy.

AW: What can we expect from The Struts in the near, or distant, future?

LS: Touring, touring, touring and a new album!

The Struts – “Could Have Been Me”:

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