Press Release: Two Year Vacation Release “Majored In Broken Hearts”

“Majored in Broken Hearts” is the third single by Swedish indie-pop-slackers Two Year Vacation from their autumn EP “Getting Into Real Estate”. The single follows the spring release “What Goes Around” and summer anthem “Come Over When You Want”. 

Two Year Vacation themselves describes “Majored in Broken Hearts” as “an anthem to the moment of unveiling. The turning of the tides of being caught up in the hype. A person conquers your entire universe only to be stripped down from the altars of supremacy by a poorly pronounced word of high school French. It’s embracing this moment for three minutes and twelve seconds. The death of the honeymoon. The hashtag no filter. It’s Kim Jong Un queing for milk at the supermarket. It’s judgemental and lacking any self reflection. It’s naive, confident and catchy. A lethal combination” 

Click here to listen.

Two Year Vacation is the band focusing on driving out all stale senses of the mundane. With their new EP “Getting Into Real Estate“, scheduled for an October release this year, Two Year Vacation have been letting themselves dive deep into a common existential crisis where they’ve realized they are no big shareholders, they don’t own any luxurious houses or way too fast cars – Nothing of all that which is being portrayed through all our screens on a daily basis as the dream life. But with this EP they’ve let themselves get into the real estate to see how fun it could be, living the life being idolized for so many of us all. All in their own way though. 
“We went into the studio during some, to Gothenburg, rare extreme hot summer days in 2020 and blended all the sounds that inspired us mid-pandemic. We came out with four songs about dreaming of music with a cocktail in our hands. We’re Two Year Vacation and we’re getting into the real estate.” – says the band, 
Majored In Broken Hearts” is out digitally everywhere now by Clouds Hill. 

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