Concert Review: We As Human – 10/17/13

We As Human

Never before have I been so impressed with a opening act than I was at the Chameleon Club, in Lancaster, Pa with We As Human on October 17th, 2013.

This five piece Christian Alt Rock Band originally from Idaho and now based in Tennessee made a lasting impression on all who were in attendance, and the band completely owned the night. Let’s put aside the Christian Rock tag, this is the perfect blend of old school and modern alternative rock and roll. The Rock and Roll Gods have certainly blessed us all.

As the lights dimmed and the first guitar notes filled the air it was clear the crowd was in for a treat. We As Human got their night started by playing “Sever” to near perfection. Written as a powerful and emotional tribute to Justin’s late nephew Tyler Cordle who passed away from cancer at the age of 3, the song was a strong start to the night.  With the band being the opener of a 4 act show; and with three other band’s equipment stacked behind them, this talented quintet was often pushed to the edge of the Chameleon Club’s already small stage, and you could truly feel the energy from the crowd and We as Human as they fed off of each other in every song. In “Zombie” Justin Cordle’s excellent vocals and range were demonstrated perfectly, and through the hard driving talented guitar play of Jake Jones and Justin Forshaw, the earthquake drum sound of Adam Osbourne and the heavy hammering of bassist Dave Draggoo, this song was a highlight of the night and was a total crowd pleaser.

One thing that is clear from watching this band is that Cordle’s showmanship is amazing. You can tell he really enjoys performing to his fans. The unique interchanging leads between Jones and Forshaw give We as Human’s sound a battling guitar style that works well throughout all their songs. This was especially apparent on their next track “Dead Man”, which is one of the standout tracks of their debut.

“Bring to Life” showed that this band can change tempo and style at will and with success. “Let Me Drown” and “Taking Life” were excellent followers as this band’s emotional lyrics resonated loudly with both pieces. Song after song the ebb and flow of this band’s guitar play proved to be truly intense and remarkable.

As the show went on “Take The Bullets Away” changed the pace instantly as this powerhouse quintet again showed their highly talented abilities. This song’s lyrics have a strong message for the current gun control situation, and for those who have lost loved ones due to gun violence or suicide.

Their final song was a memorable performance of their hit single “I Stand” where the band gave all they had remaining and left it on the stage. This performance was well polished as any hit single should be performed. Unlike other bands who just go through the motions with their constantly played hits, We as Human instead gave it all they got and made many new fans in the process. I cannot stress how amazing this show was. Do whatever it takes to go see this band. Filter scored having this band as their opening act….with performances like this, and the extreme quality of their debut album, We a Human are worthy of being a headliner on their own.

(article image source: YouTube – kaijakitty)

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