AltWire Feature: Crobot’s Best Crowds & Towns


As a companion piece to our interview with Crobot, we asked Crobot to name some of their favorite crowds and towns. Below is what they had to say. 


Our first trip to the UK was one we won’t soon forget.  The highlight of that venture was our maiden voyage to Glasgow.  We played the O2 Academy with our brothers in the Virginmary’s and the crowd they put us in front of was nothing short of electric.  The Scotts really know how to rock!

Since that gig, we have frequented the great city of Glasgow enough to find out that our love for Buckfast runs deep, however loud the Scottish may laugh at us.


We had the incredible opportunity to play Hellfest this year in Clisson, France.  You hear a many great things about European festivals, but this was our first experience.  Words cannot describe or prepare you for the European crowd we witnessed during our set.  We perform each show as if it were our last, but when the crowd is that into it, it makes it so much easier to find that possession and animal spirit.  Hellfest met our spirit animals and reciprocated.


London has been a favorite since our introduction to that fine city.  One thing is for certain, when we see London on the schedule, we know we are in for a good one.  London brings it, every time!  There’s something in the air there.  Oh, and do stop by the Camden locks…they have the best leather jackets for cheap.  Many a great leather scores have come from the depths of those locks!


Spain was one of those places we couldn’t wait to get to.  We didn’t think it would happen so fast, and for that, we are extremely grateful.  The tour through the entire country was an exciting time with Barcelona being the pinnacle of the trek.  It was the first time I couldn’t hear myself singing because the crowd was singing every word.  We never expected that out of Spain but every time we go back, it’s the same thing.  Amazing crowds, amazing people, amazing food, amazing country.


We’ve played a few shows in Spokane, but one will forever be ingrained in my memory.  The venue was the Knitting Factory and we played for some 2,000 people.  It was a night like no other though.  These kids were going crazy from the moment the first band started.  Crowd surfing, mosh pitting, head-banging.  It was all there that night.  It’s not too often a crowd is altogether into it like Spokane was that night.  The town is great place to wander as well.  Comics, coffee, and great grub.  We’re there, dude!

Check out Crobot‘s latest single “Not For Sale” below:

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