DJ RoboRob – A Few Songs EP

DJ ROboRob

Album Link:

Genre: House/Electro House

I have a mission for you guys. When you listen to DJ RoboRob’s new “A Few Songs” EP, I want you to tell me if you can actually picture that Vodka Penguin he’s talking about on Track 1?

I could. Crazy, right? I have to give it to RoboRob. You expect to have a mental visual on a hip-hop track, or maybe a melodramatic ballad.

Really? On a house song? You can laugh if you want.

swear  I saw that damn penguin!

“Vodka Penguin” and the other 2 songs on this EP, “Leave Me Behind” and “The Mothersound 2” all show why DJ RoboRob is one of our “Beasts behind the Beats”.!

I know what you guys are thinking: “I can only dance for 10 min and then the party’s over?!” Here’s the awesome part about that. When you go to his Bandcamp page,  you can get RoboRob’s 7-album discography for a paltry $24.65!

You can dance a little longer now!

Thank Me Later.

DJ RoboRob’s “A Few Songs” EP is available for purchase now from his Bandcamp profile (see above link). Here is Track 1: “Vodka Penguin”.



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