Faith No More Reveal Album Artwork for ‘Sol Invictus’

The artwork for Faith No More’s first new album in eighteen years; Sol Invictus, has been revealed, and the album is scheduled to drop May 19th. Music Feeds caught up with members Mike Bordin, Roddy Bottum and Jon Hudson at Soundwave, and talked more about the upcoming album the band themselves didn’t expect.

As they had mentioned in their last talk with Music Feeds, they had always stood strong behind their firm answer of ‘absolutely not’ when asked of a new album. With their reunion shows back in 2009, however: “We, kind of, as a band, did a lot of shows together [in 2009],” Bottum starts explaining, “and it was a little bit of a coming together as friends and collaborators, and we liked being together again.

“And it seemed like new material was the next logical step after a bunch of reunion shows that we did. We wanted to continue what we were doing.”

“There was no intention of doing an album when we started the [reunion] shows,” Bordin stresses again, “we just tried to get together and play and, honestly, see how it felt- see how it felt to be ourselves.”

They remember the decision amongst the band happening backstage; they didn’t want to do any more shows just playing old material, Bottum says- “And [the new album] wasn’t material that we had sitting around from before. It was all stuff that was inspired by the moment.”

Sol Invictus described as having ‘more space,’ Bottum feels the album has a sense of maturity, an effect resulting from “stripping things down rather than throwing things on” as their history of mixing different elements has shown.

Their new single “Superhero” is streaming on Faith No More’s YouTube, available on seven-inch vinyl March 17th and a digital release March 31st. Tour dates starting April 15th can be found HERE.

Sol Invictus

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