Fall Out Boy Release New Single “Centuries”

After only a year since their fifth studio album Save Roll and Roll, Fall Out Boy are already back with new music, and have released a new single “Centuries” that will be on their upcoming and currently untitled sixth studio album.  Explaining their decision to release new music so quickly, the band members stated via a Facebook post of the release that they were hesitant to write new music after a full year of touring, but got the feeling for the song and went with it:

We never had a plan to jump right back into it after whirlwind year we’ve had…but sometimes the song calls you. We started writing “Centuries” while we were on tour because we felt the calling. Traveling the world for the last year we have seen and been a part of the landscape and fabric of music – from tiny sweaty clubs in Australia to insanely huge festivals in the UK. It felt impossible not to react to it, to be inspired and to want to scream back. Like The Great One said, “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” We don’t feel any urge to turn the clock back; we crave something new, our place in it all. That some kids from the Middle of Nowhere, USA can make a mark or will scream long enough until the world listens is amazing – but it’s all just to prove to the next kid that she can pick up a guitar and know that it is a weapon. Make no mistake, “Centuries” is, at its most distilled, the story of David & Goliath. It is us passing along the story of how we feel right before we step on stage, trading feeling small and human for all the sweat and grit and sheer power of belief it takes to stare down a giant. Sometimes wrongs are righted. Sometimes if you scream loud enough the world will listen. Sometimes the quintessential loser wins. Sometimes the giant falls.

Shot primarily in the Hyperlapse app, the video is only for preview purposes and is not the final music video for the song. In the same post, the band went on to say that an official music video is in the works and will be coming soon:

“Watch the launch video (shot primarily in the Hyperlapse app), official video coming soon. Download the song on iTunes http://smarturl.it/centuries S/o to our DCD2 girl LOLO for lending vocals on the song.

New album coming soon on DCD2 Records/Island Records!”

Listen to “Centuries” below:


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