Get Scared Release New Album

Get Scared

If you have not heard of the incomparable rockers Get Scared, I think they are worth a listen. I discovered the band at a concert with Aiden, although I’m not one for genres, they are one of my favorite old-school emo bands that aren’t in the music scene much anymore.

Get Scared’s newest album ‘Everyone’s Out to Get Me‘ dropped November 11th with Fearless Records.  And as lead singer Nick states,

“We’ve drained out everything we had into these songs and I think it shows. There’s a little something for everyone on this album. We want it to inspire people and we hope it’ll help people get through the hard times as much as it’s helped us.”

Founded in Utah in 2008, Get Scared has had their fair share of ups and downs for a young band. After their debut full length ‘Best Kind of Mess‘ earned recognition among the scene, original vocalist Nick Matthews parted ways with the band in 2011 and was replaced by Joel Faviere, who you may know.

To the dismay of some and the happiness of others, Nick returned to the band in 2012. I was ecstatic, as Get Scared is one of the most energetic and consistent new bands I’ve seen to date and I felt they were lost without Nick’s charismatic stage presence and amazing unclean vocals. With a few changes to lineup and a grip on their goth-punk glamour, Get Scared are currently touring with The Word Alive and I See Stars.

After seeing and meeting the band four times, I am rooting for a climb in the record charts and popularity. Although I could do without screaming fan girls seeping black makeup all over others in the crowd, I will happily see them time and time again.

(quote source: Alternative Press)

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