Imminence – Heaven In Hiding (2021): Metal Greatness

Imminence - Heaven In Hiding album artImminence - Heaven In Hiding album art

Metal fans, rejoice! This Friday, November 26th, Imminence is releasing their latest album: Heaven In Hiding.

I was fortunate enough to preview their new music, and the record blew me away. From haunting violins to fiery guitars, this album is an experience from start to finish. With this album, Imminence is soaring to new heights. If you enjoy heavy music with depth and variety packed into one album, you’ll love this album.

Let me be your guide for those like me, who were late to the Imminence bandwagon. Imminence is a Swedish metalcore band formed in 2009 that has seen a significant boost in popularity in recent years. They have three albums under their belt: I (2014), This is Goodbye (2017), and Turn The Light On (2019). The current lineup includes Eddie Berg (vocals/violin), Harald Barret (lead guitar/backing vocals), Alex Arnoldsson (rhythm guitar), Peter Hanström (drums), and Christian Höijer (bass).

Their upcoming fourth album Heaven In Hiding (November 26th/Arising Empire), is a stellar collection of songs and follows their established pattern of high-quality music. Heaven in Hiding is an affirmation from a band delivering hits since its debut in 2014.

Heaven In Hiding’s tracks flow together and develop like chapters in a book. So if you enjoy listening to beautiful melodies with spine-tingling violin parts blended amidst crushing guitar riffs—Imminence’s “Heaven” awaits your arrival!

“I Am Become a Name.” [sic] is the cinematic opening to Heaven In Hiding. Dream-like reverberated vocals intensify as a deep throbbing rumble builds in force beneath the song’s lyrics. The quake gets bigger and louder, with violins entering to add to the suspense like an approaching storm. Finally, when a horn sounds out, the force rises to its peak, and everything becomes silent.

The following track, “Ghost,” is an absolute stunner. The song’s refrain about a desperate struggle to reclaim your soul resonated with me. It reminded me of my battle against mental illness. Given the physical and psychological strain of the pandemic and global events over the past few years, this song will resonate with many people who are currently struggling to find a light at the end of the tunnel.

At times the album feels as quiet as a whisper and as loud as a lion’s roar. “Surrender” is a prime example of this. The track fluctuates between sparse verses, chugging guitar riffs, and thumping anthemic choruses. The breakdown comes at the midpoint of the song, where it bursts into one of the most atmospheric instrumental sections on the album. It’s brief, but it’s one of the parts I keep rewinding because I adore it that much.

As is the norm with the genre, breakdowns are prevalent in many of these songs. Yet, where Imminence stands out is its unpredictability. You never know what direction a piece will go and which musical components will surface. Heaven In Hiding has many elements of everything the band has learned since its debut. There are electronic elements such as those found on This Is Goodbye. Anthemic alternative-metal choruses like those on Turn The Light On. And the aggression of I sprinkled in for good measure.

Imminence- Temptation
A still from the music video for “Temptation”. Imminence’s videos for this album cycle have been nothing short of incredible.

The fantastic violin by Eddie Berg helps to create a gloomy ambiance on Heaven In Hiding. As with prior releases, Eddie’s incredible talents have played an important part. At times, his interpretations provide pieces with a distinctive dark Victorian flavor. 

With his musical and vocal talents, Eddie distinguishes himself as one of the finest in the field. For example, take the sequence between “This Too Shall Pass” (این نیز بگذرد), “∞, “and the closer “Heaven In Hiding.” Throughout these three songs, listeners get a taste of Eddie’s softer vocals, violin virtuosity, and aggressive tones. 

Notably, in “This Too Shall Pass (این نیز بگذرد),” Eddie plays a soothing violin interlude that fans of Lindsey Stirling will appreciate.  

Although, it’s not only Eddie who steals the spotlight. This record is more layered, intense, and dynamic than any previous album. Henrik Udd’s production and mixing on this album are superb. As a result, the mix is very crisp, even during some of the album’s busiest sections. Often, different sounds are going off simultaneously, but the music never feels muddled. 

In addition, Imminence collaborated with director Pavel Trebukhin of TRE Films on many short films for this album. The most recent example of this is their “Chasing Shadows” video. Both stunning and engaging, these scripted films go a long way toward enhancing the listening experience. If only they had made videos for the entire album! 

There’s something for everyone on this album. I could see fans of 30 Seconds To Mars, Evanescence, Killswitch Engage, and Bring Me The Horizon, among others falling in love with this record. The lyrics are beautiful and poignant; their instrumentals are ethereal yet gripping. Every note has been handcrafted into something exceptional. 

This project is a beautiful illustration of how to create emotionally charged music. With an unblinking look at his inner turmoil, Eddie Berg has formed a connection with everyone who feels oppressed by their own suffering and sorrow. Together, Imminence has created an album that is both personal and profoundly moving.

In conclusion, Imminence has given us a masterful work that warrants a listen from as many people as possible. Any listener will become captivated by these catchy songs that are accessible yet heavy enough for even hardcore fans to enjoy. Through the synergy of their talents, Imminence has proved why they are one of the best in the genre. So please do yourself a favor and listen to Heaven In Hiding when it drops Friday, November 26th!

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“Heaven In Hiding” 

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