Milky Chance Interview: A Chat with Clemens Rehbein

Milky Chance

sadnecessaryMilky Chance, a duo from Kassel, Germany, has taken over the radio waves with their debut album SadNecessary which was released in 2013, and in 2014 here in the states.

Milky Chance consists of Clemens Rehbein and Philipp Dausch. Their first single “Stolen Dance” hit #1 on the charts in multiple countries including France, Belgium, Switzerland, and Poland.

The duo is currently wrapping up their Europe tour and will begin their US tour in the second half of the summer.

AltWire had the chance to briefly chat with Clemens while the duo are in-between tour stops.

Alt-Wire [Danny Benavides]: So I know you guys are finishing the second half of your Europe tour right now. Where are you guys currently? 

Clemens Rehbein / Milky Chance: Yeah, right now we are in Finland.

AW: Prior to you and Philipp meeting and playing music in high school. Did either of you come from a musical background?

Clemens Rehbein / Milky Chance:  In high school, we had advanced music class.  At that time we formed our first band before Milky Chance. We were five guys, a five-piece band and we played a lot of old jazz and music from the 50s and 60s and stuff like that.

AW: Where did the name “Milky Chance” come from?

Clemens Rehbein / Milky Chance:  I came up with the name when I was younger. There isn’t a connection between a name and the project. It doesn’t have a meaning. It’s just random.

AW: Tell me about some of your influences.

Clemens Rehbein / Milky Chance:   We both love to listen to Red Hot Chili Peppers, also a lot of Bob Marley, Ray Charles. We also listen to stuff like Jimi Hendrix, Joe Cocker, Janis Joplin. Stuff to nowadays like Flo Rida, to Ben Howard. It’s very mixed up, We like to listen to a lot of different stuff.

AW: If you could work with one artist past or present who you guys would love to work with, who would it be?

Clemens Rehbein / Milky Chance:  Haha, oh man, that’s hard to say. I don’t know. I think working with Jimi Hendrix would be quite cool.

AW: So how does the song-writing/creating process work between you two?

Clemens Rehbein / Milky Chance: I write the songs with my guitar as well as the lyrics. Sometimes I’ll start on a few beats and then I work with Philipp and show him the song and that’s when he starts piecing it together to create the song. That’s basically how it works every time.

AW: Since the release of SadNecessary in 2013, 2014 here in the States, It looks like you guys have been on tour non-stop. What was the biggest show you guys have played for so far?

Clemens Rehbein / Milky Chance:  Well, one of them was Coachella this year. That was the biggest stage we have played so far. Also, a lot of festivals in Europe aren’t quite as big as Coachella.

AW: I’m sure you guys have been a part of some shows and festivals that had amazing/impressive line-ups. What would be your ideal festival line-up be?

Clemens Rehbein / Milky Chance: We saw Hosier at Coachella and they were really good. We saw Deadmau5, he was really good. Alt-J, Ben Howard. Maybe some smaller acts that not a lot of people have heard before. To me, just one of the coolest things about these festivals is discovering new artists.

AW: With that said, who are some artists you are keeping your ear on lately? 

Clemens Rehbein / Milky Chance: We listened to a lot of Alabama Shakes while on tour. They just released a new album. Benjamin Clementine is one. I think he is from London. He’s very interesting. He plays the piano. Pretty cool, very unique.

AW: Your first time touring the states was back in October. I understand you guys are going to be starting your U.S. tour soon. So What do you guys think of the states?

Clemens Rehbein / Milky Chance: It’s a huge country. There is a long-distance between cities. You really spend a lot of time on the road.

AW: What’s next for Milky Chance? Is Album #2 on the way?

Clemens Rehbein / Milky Chance:  Not now but we will tour until the end of August then we plan on taking a break. Then we may work on new stuff coming again maybe in January or even the spring/summer. It will be next year for sure, not sure when yet.

AW: Thanks for taking the time to chat with us. 

Clemens Rehbein / Milky Chance: Thanks, you too. Have a good one.

Watch Milky Chance’s video for “Stolen Dance” Below:


Milky Chance – Summer 2015 Tour Dates:

July 18 Ottawa, ONT – Ottawa Bluesfest
July 22 New York, NY – SummerStage Central Park*
July 24 Chicago, IL – Aragon Ballroom*
July 27 Washington, D.C. – Echo Stage*
July 28 Philadelphia, PA – Skyline Stage at the Mann*
July 30 Boston, MA – House of Blues*
July 31 Boston, MA – House of Blues*
Aug 1 Montreal, QC- Osheaga Festival
Aug 3 San Diego, CA – Soma*
Aug 4 Los Angeles, CA – Shrine Expo Hall*
Aug 6 Denver, CO – Red Rocks-
Aug 8 San Francisco, CA – Outside Lands Festival
Aug 9 Squamish, BC – Squamish Valley Music Festival
Aug 10 Seattle, WA – Marymoor Park Concerts-
Aug 11 Portland, OR – Crystal Ballroom*

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