Jack White Releases Paramount Records Box Set, Broke Music Lovers Everywhere Cry

With Christmas around the corner, Jack White and his company “Third Man Records”, have jointly released the ultimate boxed set for lovers of early American Jazz music with Revenant Records. White is known for being an avid collector of vinyl and this set would make an excellent gift for any music snobs with an extra $400 to spare.

According to Third Man’s website, the two-volume “omnibus of art” will come in a hand-sculpted “cabinet-of-wonder”, and covers the years of 1917-1927 during the label’s hayday. In addition, there will be a second volume due to be released in November of 2014 that will cover the middle to end of Paramount’s operations.

Buyers can expect 800 newly-remastered digital tracks, 200-plus ads and images, 6 super impressive hand-engraved vinyl LP’s, a 250 page hardcover book and a bunch of other pretentious crap that I desperately need to have under my Christmas tree.

The set can be purchased on Third Man’s store for a cool $400. Or you could pay your rent! Up to you!

For more information, please click here.

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