Even with little sales, Kanye is close to being #1

Kanye Feat

How is this possible, Kanye?

Up until last week, the only place to download Kanye’s lastest offering, The Life of Pablo, was his own website. Alternatively, you could have streamed the album on Tidal.

Kanye is always at the center of controversy. It seems like that strategy is beginning to pay off well!

Based on streaming activity, the latest projections place The Life of Pablo at the top of the charts.

Tidal reported that The Life of Pablo was streamed over 250 million times in 10 days. Kanye proclaimed that the album would “never be available on Apple Music or any other streaming service”. This action sent droves of people to sign up with Tidal.

Of course, there were pundits and Kanye’s biggest critics couldn’t wait to pounce once they saw that Kanye’s album didn’t even chart initially. This was because Tidal did not immediately communicate streaming figures to Nielsen Music.

Kanye eventually “changed his mind” and made the album available on Apple Music and Spotify. Then, to add to that strategy, he “updated” almost every song on the album. Genius.

That “genius” may have just achieved Kanye the first No. 1 album fueled by streaming numbers instead of actual sales.

Images: mastmedia.plu.edu, billboard.com



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