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Last Disciple

Meet East Coast native, Brad Brandt, publicly known as Last Disciple.

Having grown up in the Carolinas, Florida, and California skateboarding and traveling, he was exposed to all kinds of music and cultures early in his youth. The music he makes is a product of Golden Era Hip Hop and Roots Reggae. 

For four years, Last Disciple has been recording all of his music in Kingston Jamaica, with legend, Caveman on production, and have been putting out videos to accompany each song. After having enjoyed his latest single, “Babylon,” I was excited that Last Disciple took some time to speak to our team.

What led you to reggae and who have been your greatest musical influences in that direction?

Reggae music for me was always full of riddim that I could quickly feel and vibe to. The wisdom and parables in the lyrics can be easily heard and felt as well. The message of righteousness and freedom and Rastafari was life changing. Great influences in Reggae to me are Peter Tosh, Bob Marley, Culture, Linval Thompson, Sizzla, I Wayne and many more. 

So far, what have been your greatest accomplishments since coming to the scene?

Some of my greatest accomplishments include working with Sizzla on our Mama Africa song, as well as the Shaolin Temple Band for the upcoming EP and the many recordings I’ve done with producer Caveman in Jamaica. Inspiration for my name comes from being the last Tai Chi student of my instructor Master Wei.

Last Disciple

I am now sharing my Tai Chi Chuan/Chi Gong lessons with the Reggae and Jamaican Culture at events and festivals which allows me to continue to pass on the health and livity of these art forms. Overall it is an honor to take part in the culture and propelling the movement of racial equality, morals, and One Love.

Last Disciple’s EP is set to be released in early 2020. You can Follow Last Disciple at:



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