[AltWire Interview] Lilac Lungs

I recently had the opportunity to ask the young, Detroit based group Lilac Lungs about their roots, their influences, and their new record. They have opened for such acts such as Emarosa and The Orphan, The Poet. Their debut album, Eventide, is set to release May 12. The group was humble when speaking about their roots, their sound, and the intimate approach to the album.

“There are so many cool music opportunities and festivals in the Detroit area,” the band said in an email. “Growing up in that environment, always being around music, and those who value it, really inspired us… our drive and passion to be a part of those opportunities really influenced us.”

You can hear that drive in their already released tracks. There is a heartfelt catchiness to “Oh No” and a softer intimacy on “Next to Nothing.” The group explained that this personal sound comes from the fact that they “really value authenticity in music.

“When lyrics are honest, and when the music hopes to make you feel a certain way. We channeled that, and mixed in real life experience – we’ve dealt with all of these emotions and feelings. We want those who listen to this record that are going through these things for the first time to know that they are not alone.”

On the newly released single “Oh No,” a relatable youth is conveyed. Emily Torres’ powerful vocals could be compared to Paramore, but the group has a more interesting indie twist. The instrumentation is at times lighthearted; warbling indie guitars create contrast against her voice. It keeps things from ever becoming too simple. They have a pop punk energy and relatable youth, but there is definitely room for Lilac Lungs on the scene. Torres exercises restraint and release between vocal power and tenderness.

This continues on “Next to Nothing,” a track with an almost sensual intimacy and less rock, more indie pop environment. Ambient qualities and truthful vocals show the personal sound the group had explained their efforts to obtain. Emily Torres’ well controlled voice slips from soft vocals to belted cries. Unlike other female led groups, Lilac Lungs’ unique sound is not reliant on their frontwoman. Well placed repetitive hooks and playful guitars will translate well to live shows, so a tour is highly anticipated.

The group explained that they are in the process of setting up a tour. “It will be [their] first real tour all as a band and [they] are so excited to create memories on the road. Tour dates will be announced very shortly” but they hope to hit “New York, Los Angeles, Seattle, honestly, anywhere worldwide as well. We just want to share this journey with everyone and as much people as we can.”

The group left us with a little insight into the rest of the record.

“There is a song on the album that speaks about the relation of the songs from us as artists to those in the audience. When people understand what you’re saying – even if it’s about hard things such as anxiety. The lyrics, ‘yes I love when we all feel the same, I just wish we didn’t feel this way. And I’ll crave the day when we all find rest, and rejoice,’ really speak about how I’m glad we’re not alone in this. We just wish we never had to feel all of that, or to deal with all of that. It just is a very honest song, really connecting with our audience.”

This connection to the audience is so important and it is one of the characteristics that sets Lilac Lungs apart. Their humble personality and honest sound make ‘Eventide’ a highly anticipated release. Check out the full record when it debuts May 12 and let us know what you think!

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