Paramore, Josh Homme and Jimmy Eat World Kickstart “The Sweet Stuff Foundation”

Queens of the Stone Age singer Josh Homme has teamed up with members of Paramore and Jimmy Eat World to launch The Sweet Stuff Foundation, a charity supporting disabled musicians:

“The mission of The Sweet Stuff Foundation is to help our musical community and their families with the vital elements often overlooked during periods of illness and disability. Things like transportation to medical treatment, assistance with childcare and tuition, income assistance, the ‘last wishes’ of a lifetime, and special treatments not covered by insurance.”

The story of Austin Pettit, who passed away in January, shared on their website, shows the amount of support needed by the musicians and their families.
In a testimonial he wrote:

“The Sweet Stuff Foundation will make it possible for us to stay in our home and now since I can’t work, I feel so relieved that I am contributing (on behalf of the Sweet Stuff Foundation) to our family’s needs. Your impact on my family is indescribable.”

While the charity was already founded in 2013, it is now that their famous ambassadors are fully kickstarting it with a charity auction of various merchandise items including a signed guitar from the 2014 Grammy Awards.

We think they are doing a beautiful job helping people in need. Find out more about The Sweet Stuff Foundation HERE and donate if you can!

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