Single Review – Gwen Stefani’s “Make Me Like You”

While admittedly not an “alternative” artist, the recently divorced former front woman for No Doubt is certainly showing us all that she CAN do it on her own and is as incredible as ever (plus, she basically just doesn’t age)! As a woman who has had an over 20 year career in music, both solo and as in arguably one of the biggest and most influential pop-rock groups of the 90s, Gwen Stefani is certainly worth talking about here on Altwire. With that being said, if you were on the fence about whether or not you’re a fan, Gwen Stefani will make you like her in new music video for “Make Me Like You.”

Sugary sweet pop genius is just the beginning of how I would describe Gwen Stefani’s latest single and it’s accompanying music video. “Make Me Like You” is the perfect mixture of Gwen’s unique vocals, upbeat dance – synth and cutesy feel-good lyrics. In an era of overly sexualized pop music, Gwen delivers an adorable, upbeat song without having to sing about booty, sex, money or strippers. How refreshing! The music video shows Gwen swirling and twirling through an impressive amount of costumes and sets, all while singing about how despite herself, she’s found someone she likes romantically. Also worth noting is that this particular music video aired during last night’s Grammy Awards and is being called the first ever live music video to be released on TV. My personal favorite part of the video shows Gwen next to a piano, Marilyn Monroe – esque platinum blonde hair, signature red lips with a smile and energy that seems so pure and genuine that you can’t help but smile back. The whole experience of “Make Me Like You” is proof that Gwen Stefani is capable of breaking boundaries and crossing genres while being her own artist and not conforming to the pressures of her past as a pop-punk goddess or the current pressure to make sexually explicit pop music. With an already strong fan-base, Gwen opens herself up to a new generation of fans, while being completely herself, unapologetic and diverse Gwen.

Part of Gwen’s signature appeal is that she seems very likable and relatable. As a lyricist, Gwen is known for often using real life inspiration as the basis for her songs and while the media has swarmed all over her divorce and recent romance, in typical Gwen fashion she has taken her trials and triumphs and turned them into brilliant pieces of pop music. This the most energized and authentic Gwen Stefani I have seen in recent years and I honestly cannot wait to experience the rest of This Is What The Truth Feels Like which is set for release on March 18th. Stay Tuned!

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