Soundgarden To Re-Issue Very First EPs


According to Blabbermouth; grunge-alternative act Soundgarden has announced plans to re-issue digitally remastered versions of their very first EPs on November 26th through SUB POP, the independent record label that gave the band their start back in the late 1980s.

The EPs will be released via CD, double-vinyl, and digital set and will include the band’s entire debut EP “Screaming Life”, bonus tracks from the “Fopp” EP, and tracks contributed to “Sub Pop 200” a compilation the band appeared on before releasing their first full length “Ultramega OK” on SST Records prior to signing with A&M.

Among the tracks included are “Hunted Down”, “Tears To Forget”, Soundgarden’s cover of the OHIO PLAYERS’ “Fopp” and the fan-favorite “Nothing To Say”.

For more information, please go here to read the article in full:

Source: Blabbermouth

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