The Epitome – Still Trill: Explosive Hip-Hop

The Epitome - Still Trill

The Epitome obviously has beef with all of us. 

The Kansas City native and frequent Ish1da collaborator just dropped a Super Spirit Bomb onto the favorite platforms of every music streamer.

I challenge you to listen to Still Trill and disagree. 

Disclaimer: Neither myself nor AltWire, condone the events that took place in Universe 7 during the Kid Buu saga. The destruction that took place, with effects that still linger to this day, is nothing short of a catastrophe…

…just like the remnants of the recording studio that The Epitome recorded Still Trill at. 

I really hope that it wasn’t a home studio. 

All proceeds from the sales of this album will go towards The Epitome Build-A-Home fund.

Meanwhile, as we sleep, and The Epitome starts his home-hunting quest, Still Trill begins by urging us to “Wake Up”.

Wake Up features Ish1da and Canadian emcee Ekaj. It serves as a much-needed wake-up call to those of us who are still 9 to 5’ing it. 

Ish1da sums up the feeling of that struggle and his coping method on the hook:

Wake up, wake up can’t take another pay cut/

Lookin like I’m motherf—ing Brock when I be blazed up/

Lookin like the third division captain when I’m paid up/

Wake up, wake up can’t take another paycut

Still Trill has a combination of great lyrics, melodies, and yes, Nerd Bars & references that is rarely found in today’s independent Hip-Hop. It’s as if this album was designed to be a lean manufacturing technique, designed by Six-Signa Black Belt The Epitome, to automate the psychic industry.
It knows when you want to be energetic, it knows when you want to be laidback, and Still Trill knows when you are ready to turn up.
My favorite tracks on this album are:
  • Old Me featuring Kadesh Flow & VInyl Richie – On this track, The Epitome finds himself  reminiscing  about his former self, while recognizing how far he has evolved. In the end, he decides that he is a better person and says, “F— the old me!” I also love the jazzy accompaniment at the end of the song.
  • and Scott Summersa lit anthem that lights up the atmospshere, just like its namesake’s optic blasts. Hopefully, this one gets a video!

Still Trill is Shakespearean, in the fact that it is a Midsummer Night’s Dream for everyone who is looking for a soundtrack to play, while bending blocks or skirting the main street on the hottest day in recent memory in their hometown.

Still Trill is definitely The Epitome of that classic heat.

Listen to Still Trill here:

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